Package Details: fiji-bin 2:20201104.1356-1

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Package Base: fiji-bin
Description: ImageJ distribution with a lot of plugins for scientific (especially biology related) image processing.
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: hottea
Maintainer: hottea (lilac)
Last Packager: hottea
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First Submitted: 2019-11-15 07:19
Last Updated: 2021-02-18 01:19

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Muflone commented on 2019-12-11 14:52

@jacopo, are you still maintaing this package? If so, given it's older than fiji-bin, do you want to rename it to fiji-bin AND update the version number to the latest available version?

Currently this package is older and with a bad name

user9665 commented on 2019-10-20 08:27

Do you get the menus when using other WMs? Have you also tried using the "Latest build" instead of the "Life-line"? I'm using the "Latest build" with Java 13 and it works fine here.

florosus commented on 2019-10-19 21:13

I can't get any of the dropdown menus (File, Edit, View etc) to open. Do I need some other package? I am running bspwm and I set Fiji to floating mode.

user9665 commented on 2019-08-17 06:53

Sure, no problem. Thanks.

radioxoma commented on 2019-08-16 12:01

Thanks, Jacopo. PKGBUILD had been updated. I don't use ImageJ/Fiji anymore and don't plan to support it. Would you like to be a maintainer?

user9665 commented on 2019-08-15 09:50

Minor improvement to automatically set pkgver. I'm not quite sure how a patch can be submitted here. Cheers Jacopo

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD index 4dc18c2..4abcd57 100644 --- a/PKGBUILD +++ b/PKGBUILD @@ -1,8 +1,13 @@ # Maintainer: Eugene Dvoretsky <radioxoma from gmail com> # Contributor: dreieck

+# wget -q -O tmp.html +# RELEASE_URL=cat tmp.html | grep -m 1 -o -E "https[^<>]*?" | head -1 +# echo $RELEASE_URL +# exit + pkgname="fiji-binary" -pkgver="20170530" +pkgver=wget -q -O - <> | grep | sed -E 's/^.*([0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}).*$/\1/' | sed 's/-//g' pkgrel="1" pkgdesc="ImageJ distribution with a lot of plugins for scientific (especially biology related) image processing." arch=('i686' 'x86_64') @@ -18,10 +23,10 @@ install=fiji.install

## Life-line

-source=("${pkgver}.zip" +source=("" "fiji.desktop" "fiji.install") -sha256sums=('cf9fb45c48b22a7888b479968477f1f7a300a9c833e47244cbe0d1e93890bd20' +sha256sums=('SKIP' '788a32dd0b24f482e78d5ec3209e9d5b3493a59e1da6edf82b1373e87c0320bc' '6dcc861af9328076282893ffcecc77a7fee448cec51fb7ccd51c5cece9740fa1')

@@ -54,6 +59,7 @@ build() _removefrompackage=('Contents' 'ImageJ-linux32' 'ImageJ-linux64' 'ImageJ-win32.exe' 'ImageJ-win64.exe' 'plugins/Fiji_Updater.jar' + 'plugins/imagej-updater*.jar' ) _executablebak="$(mktemp)" || exit 21 # Save the executable matching our architecture.

petecan commented on 2016-02-22 12:44

In my case, for getting rid of unnecessary "cannot update" messages, it is not enough to get rid of "plugins/Fiji_Updater.jar", but also of "jars/imagej-updater-0.7.8.jar". Probably we could use a glob to avoid forgetting to change the jar version.


boina commented on 2015-12-01 04:59

Thank you a lot!! I should have locked at the PKGBUILD before. I uncommented the latest source and worked flawlesly!!
Best, Jose.

radioxoma commented on 2015-11-30 13:27

This package wasn't supposed to be "updatable" - just latest lifeline version. `Fiji_Updater.jar` was removed during makepkg run (see PKGBUILD source,

If you would like to use latest Fiji, there are two ways:
1. Edit the PKGBUILD and change source to latest build (I intentionally left it in commented section) and reinstall the package. Also you could change package version to download date, so new lifeline release, which can be outdated relatively to your current installation, won't be bothering you.
2. Just unpack and use vanilla archive from somewhere in $HOME directory.

Cheers, Eugene.

boina commented on 2015-11-28 00:23

Thanks for the package.
I have one problem tough. I needed to update the bioformats plugin and so started imagej as root. After the update fiji won't start anymore as a regular user with the following warning:

"Could not move /opt/fiji/update/scripts/Miji.m to /opt/fiji/scripts/Miji.m: Permission denied"

Regards, jose.