Package Details: felinks 0.13.5-1

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Package Base: felinks
Description: actively maintained version of the elinks text browser
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL2
Conflicts: elinks, elinks-git
Submitter: sgerwk
Maintainer: sgerwk
Last Packager: sgerwk
Votes: 1
Popularity: 0.016648
First Submitted: 2020-05-31 18:26
Last Updated: 2020-09-19 10:42

Latest Comments

sgerwk commented on 2021-01-14 12:50

I have js17, and the build process finds it.

What does the build log tell? Does ldd elinks list libmozjs?

kang commented on 2020-12-22 23:22

it doesn't seem to find mozs even with jsXX installed

sgerwk commented on 2020-07-22 13:27

Given the problem Python support gave, I decided to move that to a separate package felinks-python. It should compile and work, but there is still something strange about it (the unusual long time for configure and make, the linker option that needs to be removed).

sgerwk commented on 2020-07-21 14:53

Would you please try this? It takes forever to make, and I am not sure the python hooks actually work with it.

Save to a PKGBUILD file alone in the its own directory, then run makepkg in that directory.

Maintainer sgerwk <sgerwk at aol dot com>




pkgdesc="actively maintained version of the elinks text browser"


arch=('x86_64' 'i686')

depends=(tre brotli libx11 openssl gpm zstd libidn expat ncurses lua51 python3)

makedepends=(gcc make)

conflicts=(elinks elinks-git)




build() {

cd $startdir/src/$pkgname


LDFLAGS="$(echo "$LDFLAGS" | sed 's/,--as-needed//')"

./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --sysconfdir=/etc \

--with-python --with-luapkg=lua51 --enable-cgi --enable-leds \


sed 's/,--as-needed//' Makefile.config > temp

mv temp Makefile.config

make || return 1


check() {

cd $startdir/src/$pkgname

return $(test -x src/elinks)


package() {

cd $startdir/src/$pkgname

make DESTDIR=$startdir/pkg/$pkgname install

rm -f $startdir/pkg/$pkgname/usr/share/locale/locale.alias


m040601 commented on 2020-07-17 23:58

What about Python 3 support for this package ? The last time the elinks-git guy tried in December 2019, he wasnt very successfull,

Is it still too complicated to do it in Arch ?

I'm dying to try out some modern elinks scripts. (ex,,

m040601 commented on 2020-07-17 23:45

I prefer not the change the name of the executable to felinks

Yeah, I perfectly understand your point. Better this way then. As long as the upstream source doesnt decide to come out of the closet as "felinks" replacing the mentions of "elinks" in the source code, that's the wise choice to do.

Strange thing that the the Arch official package (community/elinks 0.13-22, Felix Yan seem to be oblivious to the felinks fork, considering all the bugs and SSL problems with the "old" elinks. Perhaps one could way until felinks matures a bit more, use it and test it well for a while, and then later maybe contact Felix.

With the "Conflicts: elinks, elinks-git" tag, Arch users who want to try out this package should know what they're getting into and why.

I would only suggest to better describe this package. Add something more to the tag

'Description:   text browser'

Maybe something like:

'Description:   A modern well maintained fork of the venerable elinks text browser'


'Description:   Actively maintained github version of the old elinks text browser (also officially used by Debian)'

Also make sure people dont' confuse this package with the 'elinks-git' package, that also pulls from the unmaintained and abandoned source

Otherwise most people will end up like I did in the github page, trying to understand what this "fork" is actually. And the developer doesnt seem to be that proficient in English.

sgerwk commented on 2020-07-15 11:27

With the last change most problems should be solved. Hopefully. Thanks for your notes, they really help much.

The latest version has lua, local cgi and bittorrent. It installs in the standard location because felinks should totally replace old elinks at some point. I can't see any reason for keeping software that misses some useful features and is not even maintained at all.

That's also why I prefer not the change the name of the executable to felinks. If the upstream source changes that I will follow suit, but otherwise felinks is a drop-in replacement of elinks. Still better, it's still elinks, just actively maintained.

m040601 commented on 2020-07-13 11:18

PKGBUILD is missing lua51 on

Depends On : ...

so I guess no support for hooks.lua in felinks Arch Linux ? (Debian seems to have it, )

m040601 commented on 2020-07-13 11:13

.SRCINFO is missing


m040601 commented on 2020-07-07 01:34

Thanks for working on making felinks available on Archlinux !

I'm a little bit confused though.

1. Why /usr/local/ ?

Why did you choose to install this package in /usr/local ? (/usr/local/bin/elinks, /usr/local/share/man/man1/elinks etc) Why not the standard location /usr/bin ?

2. Why not forget about "elinks" and rename everything "felinks" ?

The package is called "felinks" but, it currently installs a binary, /usr/local/bin/elinks

Why insist in the relation of felinks with elinks ?, has long lost contact or any relation with the "original" elinks.

Why not call the installed binary, man pages and everything needed "felinks" ? and avoid any possible and future conflicts with existing elinks installed.

The official "elinks" Arch package , still builds from there, and will most certainly continue to do so.

It would make things so much less confusing for everyone, and also avoid any possible future conflicts.

3. Installation problems.

The package seemed to compile ok on my system, but then when it came to installing:

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]                                                 
(1/1) checking keys in keyring                     [--------------------------] 100%
(1/1) checking package integrity                   [--------------------------] 100%
(1/1) loading package files                        [--------------------------] 100%
(1/1) checking for file conflicts                  [--------------------------] 100%
error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)                             
felinks: /usr/local/share/man exists in filesystem (owned by filesystem)

I'm not sure if it was a problem on my system, but anyway, I cleaned up old cruft I had on /usr/local/ . I also made sure I removed the official "elinks" package to make sure there was no conflict. I then issued:

sudo pacman -U pacaurydest/felinks/felinks-0.13.2-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

This time it installed with no problems.

$ type elinks
elinks is hashed (/usr/local/bin/elinks)

The problem then was when trying to run the binary

/usr/local/bin/elinks: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared 
object file: No such file or directory

I checked the official elinks Arch package:

$ pacman -Si elinks
Repository      : community
Name            : elinks
Version         : 0.13-21
Depends On      : bzip2  expat>=2.0  gpm>=1.20.4  openssl  lua51  libidn  gc  tre

So it seems felinks is missing some dependecies. Sorry I can't help more here, I dont have any experience in this.

But it seems that at least "tre" is missing ?

Or is it optional ???

# Check for TRE library