Package Details: etesync-server 0.2.1-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: etesync-server
Description: A self-hostable EteSync server
Upstream URL:
Licenses: AGPLv3
Submitter: daftaupe
Maintainer: daftaupe (tasn)
Last Packager: daftaupe
Votes: 3
Popularity: 1.13
First Submitted: 2019-05-02 08:53
Last Updated: 2019-10-10 12:15

Latest Comments

eomanis commented on 2019-10-20 21:03

Upstream feature request to support more settings in etesync-server.ini.

tasn commented on 2019-10-19 08:30

Nice catch, it's needed indeed! Could you please open a feature request / PR upstream? Thanks!

eomanis commented on 2019-10-18 23:26

Woops. I think I accidentally clicked clicked "Flag package out-of-date" when I intended to click "Vote for this package". If that was indeed the case please disregard the out-of-date thing, sorry.

While I am here, does anyone know a way how to customize STATIC_ROOT without having to edit /usr/lib/etesync-server/etesync_server/ Because, of course, this file will be overwritten on every package update.

If it can't be done without editing that file I guess I will make a feature request to upstream to implement reading STATIC_ROOT from /etc/etesync-server.ini.

Anyhow, thanks for maintaining this package, much appreciated.

daftaupe commented on 2019-10-10 12:17

Hello Gordane,

I've made an update to 0.2.1 and fixed the wrong name of the directory which is due to the fact that the github repo has changed its name recently.

Please try.

Gordane commented on 2019-10-10 11:51

EDIT: The checksum doesn't fail anymore since you updated to package, but the skeleton crash is still happening.

==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    v0.2.0.tar.gz ... FAILED
    etesync-server.install ... Passed
    etesync-server.sysusers ... Passed
    etesync-server ... Passed
==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

sha256sum v0.2.0.tar.gz gives this result: 468a0a0bd1aa4f4b93fcf4690651039f544cc7078b9a94d89a41def805fe340b

PKGBUILD have 435aef6f8f33f82b13dbb99f00c16fa92743194aedb0b4a88ee51001e51244f1

Then after changing the checksum, I had issues because the folder was renamed 'server-' instead of 'server-skeleton'. It worked with this PKGBUILD file:

pkgdesc="A self-hostable EteSync server"
optdepends=('postgresql: storage backend'
            'uwsgi-plugin-python: application container')

package() {
    mkdir -p "$pkgdir/etc/etesync-server/"
    mkdir -p "$pkgdir/usr/bin/"
    mkdir -p "$pkgdir/usr/lib"
    mkdir -p "$pkgdir/usr/share/doc/$pkgname"
    mkdir -p "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname"

    install -Dm644 "$pkgname.sysusers" "$pkgdir/usr/lib/sysusers.d/$pkgname.conf"

    install -Dm644 "server-$pkgver/$pkgname.ini" "$pkgdir/etc/$pkgname/$pkgname.ini"
    sed -i "s@secret.txt@/var/lib/$pkgname/secret.txt@;s@db.sqlite3@/var/lib/$pkgname/db.sqlite3@" "$pkgdir/etc/$pkgname/$pkgname.ini"

    install -Dm644 "server-$pkgver/" "$pkgdir/usr/share/doc/$pkgname/"
    mv "server-$pkgver/example-configs" "$pkgdir/usr/share/doc/$pkgname/"
    rm -f "server-$pkgver/"

    install -Dm644 "server-$pkgver/LICENSE" "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname/LICENSE"
    rm -f "server-$pkgver/LICENSE"

    rm -f "server-$pkgver/icon.svg"

    cp -r "server-$pkgver" "$pkgdir/usr/lib/$pkgname"

    install -Dm755 "$pkgname" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/$pkgname"
    chmod +x "$pkgdir/usr/bin/etesync-server"