Package Details: electron-ozone 8.2.5-2

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Package Base: electron-ozone
Description: Electron compiled with wayland support via Ozone
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Licenses: custom, MIT
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Provides: electron
Submitter: hedgepigdaniel
Maintainer: hedgepigdaniel
Last Packager: hedgepigdaniel
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First Submitted: 2020-01-12 16:11
Last Updated: 2020-05-03 09:48

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hedgepigdaniel commented on 2020-01-12 16:16

This is a WIP - YMMV!

Known issues:

  • Various menu buttons don't work (e.g. File -> Exit)
  • Closing the window does not work
  • Anything broken on the same version of chromium-ozone will also be broken here

That said, it works pretty well.

In case you find that the build hangs while cloning the depot_tools repo, see

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micahthomas commented on 2020-06-29 21:47

Okay, decided to try again since i had some more time :)

Downgraded to gcc9 using the archive (don't copy paste this unless you understand that this might break other things you compile that require gcc10)

sudo pacman -U

Confirmed to work!

micahthomas commented on 2020-06-28 16:51

The next issue I am currently running into is gcc10 compatibility for chromium used by electron8. Apparently chromium uses gcc libs even though it is compiled with clang.

The current version of gcc is 10, and so it fails. There are gcc10 patches for chromium (in gentoo repos) that I tried. But since this is an ozone build the files are different. I manually applied the patches (find the same name file and made modifications) and it still is not building.

I am just going to hold off for a bit on figuring this out since electron 9 is out and it updates to chromium-83, or wait for gcc9 to hit stable.

ChrisLane commented on 2020-06-28 09:45

Since it seems everyone is having this issue where scripts have to be run in python 2.7, perhaps it would be a good idea to do this in the PKGBUILD.

micahthomas commented on 2020-06-26 22:36

This is the modification I made to get past the error mentioned by basedtho Make sure that the python version printed out is 2.7

First follow steps here to make a directory with python2 symlink as shown here

$ mkdir ~/bin
$ ln -s /usr/bin/python2 ~/bin/python
$ ln -s /usr/bin/python2-config ~/bin/python-config

Then modify the first couple of lines in the prepare() section of PKGBUILD to:

prepare() {
  export PATH="$HOME/bin:${PATH}:${srcdir}/depot_tools"
  python --version

  echo "Fetching chromium..."

tho commented on 2020-05-20 01:38

it won't build

patching file shell/browser/
patching file shell/browser/
patching file filenames.gni
patching file shell/browser/
patching file script/lib/
patching file shell/browser/ui/
patching file shell/browser/ui/
Running hooks...
Downloading .......... Done.
0> Failed to fetch file gs://chromium-nodejs/a9603a3dc03fa41af9cc5c8ac28d23d1f98dfe3c for src/third_party/node/node_modules.tar.gz, skipping. [Err: [E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399439+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] original error: no such package
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399525+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] 
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399555+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] goroutine 74:
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399581+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] #0 - cipd.(*clientImpl).humanErr()
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399605+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] #1 - cipd.(*clientImpl).ResolveVersion()
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399628+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] #2 - cipd.(*Resolver).resolveVersion.func1()
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399661+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] #3 - promise.(*Promise).runGen()
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399684+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] #4 runtime/asm_amd64.s:1357 - runtime.goexit()
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399713+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] 
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399735+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] goroutine 73:
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399768+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] From frame 0 to 0, the following wrappers were found:
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399792+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241]   internal reason: MultiError 2/2: following first non-nil error.
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399821+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] 
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399843+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241] #0 - ensure.(*File).Resolve.func1.1()
[E2020-05-20T04:25:40.399872+03:00 168284 0 annotate.go:241]   reason: failed to resolve infra/python/wheels/cffi/linux-amd64_cp32_abi3@version:1.10.0 (line 0)

nitaigao commented on 2020-05-11 16:44

It is possible to extract the Slack deb and run it using this version of electron. Exciting times.

ChrisLane commented on 2020-05-04 07:54

@hedgepigdaniel Sorry but I can't give any more information than that log at this time.

That's certainly strange. I followed the steps in the second half of where python is symlinked to python2 and python-config to python2-config

hedgepigdaniel commented on 2020-05-04 01:03

@ChrisLane when you say set python2 as the default, what exactly do you mean? What was the error otherwise - which part of the script did not work?

The script for me works as is, and I have python3 set as the default.

ChrisLane commented on 2020-05-03 15:51

Well after just over 4 hours of compiling, I've successfully installed this package.

@hedgepigdaniel, I once again got the following error This was fixed by setting python2 as the default, perhaps this is something that you could do in the build script.

hedgepigdaniel commented on 2020-05-03 09:49

I've added make dependencies on python2-setuptools, libpipewire02, and nodejs. If there's anything else missing, please report the error that occurs, and the dependency that avoids the error.