Package Details: dino-git v0.2.0.r111.g6399892b-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only, click to copy)
Package Base: dino-git
Description: Simple and modern Jabber/XMPP client written in vala
Upstream URL:
Keywords: jabber omemo xmpp
Licenses: GPL3
Conflicts: dino
Provides: dino
Submitter: seppia
Maintainer: seppia (svalo)
Last Packager: svalo
Votes: 39
Popularity: 0.008645
First Submitted: 2017-03-16 10:05
Last Updated: 2021-05-15 08:58

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selurvedu commented on 2021-05-22 16:05

Hi @svalo! Could you please add a runtime dependency on icu?

After upgrading from ICU 68 to ICU 69, I looked at "Required By" in pacman -Qi icu and rebuilt all AUR packages that depended on it. However, Dino was not on the list, and as a result I got this:

$ ldd /usr/bin/dino | grep 'not found' => not found => not found

P.S. I found a few other packages with the same problem via pacman -Qqml | while read -r i; do test -f "$i" && ldd "$i" 2>&1 | grep 'not found' && pacman -Qo "$i"; done and I'm gonna leave a comment on them too. (To anyone who may want to use this one-liner: be aware that this command can give some false positives for binaries that are bundled with corresponding libs and are meant to be started with corresponding LD_LIBRARY_PATH, e.g. that's applicable for some proprietary software and *-bin packages. Also note that ldd works recursively, so "not found" may appear if a binary that is being checked depends on an existing library, which, in turn, depends on another library which was not found.)

lhark commented on 2021-05-14 23:58

Just FYI, with the merging of the audio/video calls feature into the master branch, dino now has a dependency on libnice ;)

j.r commented on 2021-01-21 15:12

Looks like gspell is now a dependency to do spellchecking:

stevenroose commented on 2020-05-04 22:10

I usually compile Dino manually and check for new commits on master on a daily basis. A few weeks ago I noticed that compilation broke. So today I checked out this package and it also doesn't seem to build. I think it might be an issue on my side, but I tried several things to solve it, without luck.

I'm getting 3 similar errors like this:

main/src/ui/conversation_titlebar/menu_entry.c:6:10: fatal error: gtk/gtk.h: No such file or directory
    6 | #include <gtk/gtk.h>

svalo commented on 2020-02-12 12:14

@kinseytamsin Thank you for your suggestions, finally I found the time to update the pkgver function, I didn't notice I didn't update the URL, thank you!

kinseytamsin commented on 2020-01-30 23:28

Also I noticed Dino has a proper website and the url for this package still just goes to the GitHub project so here's something for that too!

The following changes since commit e51fb6525b85:

Corrects the pkgver number wrongly generated (2020-01-28 11:23:18 +0100)

are available in the Git repository at: url

for you to fetch changes up to 6b475aa89f76073cedafa2235108614f0bc93bef:

Change url to website (2020-01-30 17:29:37 -0600)

Kinsey Favre (1): Change url to website

.SRCINFO | 2 +- PKGBUILD | 3 ++- 2 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

kinseytamsin commented on 2020-01-30 20:25

Hey y'all, Dino just recently released version 0.1.0 so the repo has tags now. I made some changes for you to account for this :)

The following changes since commit e51fb6525b85:

Corrects the pkgver number wrongly generated (2020-01-28 11:23:18 +0100)

are available in the Git repository at: v0.1.0-release

for you to fetch changes up to 19c75fb8e827fb2c1d654b82cf96248dffbff3de:

Change pkgver() to use tags and update pkgver (2020-01-30 17:14:28 -0600)

Kinsey Favre (1): Change pkgver() to use tags and update pkgver

.SRCINFO | 2 +- PKGBUILD | 6 ++++-- 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

svalo commented on 2020-01-28 10:23

@fifr: Thank you for noticing, something strange was happening and I don't fully understood what. I removed the original source code folder I had in my build dir and rebuilt, the pkgver is now correct. It's strange because the hash had a single digit more than what you reported. As I build the package in clean chroots I tought no error could come from that but it turns out that the clean chroot only builds the package and don't recalculate the pkgver.

fifr commented on 2020-01-28 09:51

The pkgver seems to be wrong: it should be r640.3b0a27e (remove the trailing 1), which is the hash returned by git rev-parse --short HEAD. Otherwise yay constantly tries to update the package because the two versions do not match.

svalo commented on 2020-01-22 08:24

As of today the package requires the libsignal-protocol-c package from AUR. This change was done following the direction took upstream, moreover it is in general better to use a shared library if available IMHO. I've been testing this setup since quite some time with no issues.