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Chazza commented on 2019-02-14 22:34

Anyone here looking for compiz-bzr should install compiz-git instead. Upstream development has moved back to git, making compiz-bzr obsolete.

The compiz-git package is available here:

Chazza commented on 2018-09-14 14:00

When library names like change you just need to rebuild the package. It's not a problem with the PKGBUILD. This is normal for AUR packages. Packages in the official repos also get rebuilt when libraries are updated.

Note that you shouldn't symlink new library names to old. This will create problems for you further down the line.

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muktupavels commented on 2019-04-07 19:41

I don't know anything about KDE support in compiz. All I know it did not compile and I removed all KDE related things. It seems that KDE support has been removed also from compiz reloaded...

If kdecompat still works then partial revert can be submitted, but it sounds that it does not work or has some problems... So someone needs to do partial or full revert and update to make it fully working with KDE 5.

Chazza commented on 2019-04-06 16:27

@denjack I didn't experience the issues that you did but it's possible I didn't test it for long enough.

@muktupavels I tried running Compiz + kdecompat plugin in KDE Plasma 5 in a VM. Unfortunately, not only did kdecompat not work for me, it actually introduced new problems. I wasn't able to open the KDE main menu with kdecompat enabled, it would keep closing immediately until I turned kdecompat off again. It also didn't add taskbar thumbnails although in fairness I wasn't even able to get taskbar thumbnails with the default kwin either. Enabling/disabling blur effect in kdecompat did nothing and I have no idea what "present windows" is so I can't test that. As you say, someone who actually uses KDE needs to test this but as near as I can tell, kdecompat doesn't work in KDE 5.

denjack commented on 2019-04-06 06:48

@Chazza: I have tried, the result is.... weird. There is KDE compatibility plugin present in CCSM. So far so good. The weirdness is in DockBarX thumbnails behaviour. It is sometimes there, sometimes not. Sometimes empty frame is shown when mouse pointer is above related dock icon, when it moves to the frame, thumbnail blinks for a while. It is funny when more than one instance of the application is run and so there should be multiple thumbnails shown. Multiple frames are shown and if one slides mouse pointer over them the frames randomly show thumbnails randomly are empty and this status is changing as the pointer moves. Not the thumbnail under the pointer is always shown any of the others can be. Hard to describe, if important i can try to catch it on screenshot.

Chazza commented on 2019-04-04 21:25

@denjack Ok great. Now try building Compiz 0.9.14 with this patch:

It is just a partial revert of the commit that removes kdecompat. I have tried this myself in my VM with dockbarx and can confirm that thumbnail previews in dockbar work with kdecompat enabled and do not work when it is disabled.

Anonymous comment on 2019-04-03 02:59

@Chazza - Yes that helps, tnx for explaining.

In addition I just want to say how much I appreciate Compiz is still alive. I've been running it standalone for could it be a decade already? Still the best :)

denjack commented on 2019-04-01 18:11

@Chazza, muktupavels: checked it on a machine with freshly updated Arch with xfce where no plasma/kde4libs/kwin packages were installed and it was fully working - I have all thumbnails in DockBarX. I don't know how it was possible but the only i needed was to build 0.9.13 version of compiz (as Chazza advised below - git checkout c1a346ae6e69) and use it. Regardless of building it on system missing kde/plasma/kwin there were KDE compatibility option present in CCSM, once selected it all is working as I would expected. So from my point of view as it is causing no problem during building and works there is no reason changing any code and also no reason to remove KDE compatibility plugin from compiz. It would be appreciated by me to keep the pluggin in as I wouldn't need to keep compiz 0.9.13 forever or search for other solution in order to have thumbnails available.

muktupavels commented on 2019-03-31 15:01

Someone who use KDE should do the work and test things. If kdecompat works without other parts (actually it could work, as I think it was not disabled with -DBUILD_KDE4=Off) then create partial revert to restore this plugin and test it. If it works, then submit merge request.

Chazza commented on 2019-03-29 09:43

Ok well I had a look at the code that was removed. The code for plugins/kdecompat doesn't look like it's using any code from KDE/Qt. The code for plugins/kde on the other hand - which apparently "Integrates the KDE/Qt event loop into Compiz" - has definitely not been ported to KDE5. It's using classes like KApplication and KCmdLineArgs which come from kdelibs4.

So without kdelibs4, plugins/kde won't compile and I would assume that plugins/kdecompat won't work without it. There doesn't look like there's much kdelibs4 specific code; it probably shouldn't be that difficult to replace it, just following the porting guide. But I don't know whether thumbnail previews in dockbarx would work even if the code were ported. It all depends on whether KWin 5 exposes its window thumbnails in the same way the KWin 4 did. Apparently KWin 4 exposed them through dbus [1].

If I get some time at the weekend I'll experiment with this and see if I can get it working but I can't make any promises.


EDIT: I had a go at porting the kde events plugin to Qt5 and got so far but reached a brick wall with the dispatcher. The dispatcher seems to get raw XEvents and then use Qt4 to process them. But in Qt5 the code for handling XEvents has been removed and I don't think it's straightforward to work around that, not without a much more detailed knowledge of X than I have. In any case, I think I was wrong in assuming that kdecompat needs the kde plugin so it's probably not relevant.

denjack commented on 2019-03-28 22:01

@Chazza, muktupavels: I wiped out kde/plasma from the system (pacman -Q | grep -i kde and pacman -Q | grep -i plasma returns nothing) and rebooted. Then got the source as Chazza advised and here are the answers: - compilation finished without any problem, the same with installation - ccsm now shows KDE compatibility option - DockBarX not surprisingly doesn't show window thumbnails now. I don't know how exactly DockBarX works however as it normally works (on Linux Mint) even if Thumbnail Window Previews option is off in CCSM I would say that functionality is taken from some KDE library (and this is the reason why it needs KDE compatibility ability in Compiz to work) and so I guess once KDE libraries are installed again, window thumbnails would be back - will test it later. Also I will try if plasma (KDE5) libraries are enough to work, in other words if outdated KDE4 libs aren't needed. It is a question if drop KDE compatibility if it works only with KDE4. It seems it is not causing any troubles (no problems with build), the worse that can happen is that it is just doing nothing. So I would say keep it but i'm not decision maker nor compiz developer. And last but not least, I have saved all compilation output to a file using script command. It has 33kB zipped. If useful i can provide it.

EDIT: actually not all thumbnails are gone. Some applications yes, some not. I don't know what causes the difference. xfce terminal emulator and firefox shows thumbnails whereas krusader and skype not... The only what is absolutely sure, if KDE compatibility is deselected in CCSM empty windows are shown instead of thumbnails.

Chazza commented on 2019-03-28 19:17

@denjack as per muktupavels' comment, could you try building Compiz 0.9.13 (without KDE4 dependencies installed) and seeing if it works for you?

You can build older versions of packages by cloning the git repository and then checking out a previous commit. In general, you can see the list of git commits by running git log in the git repository. But for this case you need to do the following:

git clone <>

cd compiz

git checkoutc1a346ae6e69

Sidenote: don't believe what says. It is barely maintained. I'm actually surprised it even says that 0.9.13 is the latest version. It said that 0.9.8 was the latest version for years and years, even though that came out in 2012.