Package Details: coin 4.0.0-1

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Package Base: coin
Description: A high-level 3D graphics toolkit on top of OpenGL
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: bluewind
Maintainer: gbs
Last Packager: gbs
Votes: 34
Popularity: 1.24
First Submitted: 2018-03-22 09:40
Last Updated: 2020-01-23 16:50

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snostorm commented on 2020-07-22 10:57

So I tried an aweful hack and linked the /usr/include to /include which let it start compiling but produced error

In file included from /tmp/makepkg/coin/src/coin-Coin-4.0.0/include/Inventor/system/gl.h:47,
                 from /tmp/makepkg/coin/src/coin-Coin-4.0.0/src/glue/GLUWrapper.h:48,
                 from /tmp/makepkg/coin/src/coin-Coin-4.0.0/src/base/SbGLUTessellator.h:45,
                 from /tmp/makepkg/coin/src/coin-Coin-4.0.0/src/base/SbGLUTessellator.cpp:33:
/tmp/makepkg/coin/src/build/include/Inventor/system/gl-headers.h:48:2: error: #error "don't know how to include gl.h header"
   48 | #error "don't know how to include gl.h header"
      |  ^~~~~
[ 17%] Building CXX object src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/SbVec2us.cpp.o
[ 17%] Building CXX object src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/SbVec2i32.cpp.o
[ 17%] Building CXX object src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/SbVec2ui32.cpp.o
[ 17%] Building CXX object src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/SbVec2f.cpp.o
[ 17%] Building CXX object src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/SbVec2d.cpp.o
[ 18%] Building CXX object src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/SbVec3b.cpp.o
make[2]: *** [src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/build.make:602: src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/SbGLUTessellator.cpp.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
[ 18%] Building CXX object src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/SbVec3ub.cpp.o
[ 18%] Built target draggers
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:1154: src/base/CMakeFiles/base.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:160: all] Error 2
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

QuantMint commented on 2020-07-20 11:48

I can't build this package:

-- Performing Test HAVE_GLX CMake Error in /home/quantmint/coin/src/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp/CMakeLists.txt: Imported target "Boost::boost" includes non-existent path


vlas commented on 2020-06-25 18:32

@mogwai, it's maybe late a little, but this oneliner can help in lookup:
grep -rinw /etc -e 'path.*/bin' 2>/dev/null
and yes, that was sddm.conf

xyproto commented on 2020-06-22 22:09

@gbs Hi, in connection with moving freecad to [community], would you mind if I moved this package too?

dos1 commented on 2020-05-19 23:13

This package installs a rather non-specific manpage entry at /usr/share/man/man3/deprecated.3.gz, which causes conflict with other packages containing the same bug.

rnp commented on 2020-03-12 15:51

@gbs and @vlas, thanks for your comments, it was the root cause of this error for me as well. In my case, I still had my .zshrc with a legacy $PATH configuration.

Adelie commented on 2020-03-12 07:03

@vlas, Thank you very much. That problem has been plaguing my arch systems for a while now and now I have a solution.

BertiBoeller commented on 2020-02-16 22:05

Can you change the package like this?: This would make it possible to compile the package using Ninja: CMAKE_GENERATOR=Ninja makepkg

@mogwai: Thanks for finding out that sddm.conf was manipulating the $PATH variable. Had this problem on my system.

mogwai commented on 2020-01-28 20:21

vlas, gbs, thse, I think I've found the underlying problem. Or at least on a few of my archlinux systems. Basically, the cause and solution were already mentioned in a closed CMake ticket .

The culprit is that the $PATH contains /bin as first entry, or at least that /bin is mentioned before /usr/bin. This should actually never happen on an archlinux system, because /bin is just a symbolic link to /usr/bin. So I've investigated what was causing this on a few of my systems.

It turns out that an older version of sddm (probably when I installed those systems years ago) was shipping with a default or example sddm.conf file that added /bin to the front of the $PATH variable. I see that the current example configuration file does not do that anymore, which explains why coin compiled perfectly fine on a more recently installed laptop.

Anyway, long story short, could you please check whether /bin is in your path before the /usr/bin entry? If so, try to find the configuration file that does this, and correct the error. I'm curious whether it's also sddm.conf in your case.

vlas commented on 2020-01-24 16:13

gbs, thanks, it have built smooth after
PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH yay -S coin
But what is the problem do you think? Pamac can't build it, only yay with setting PATH.