Package Details: chromium-vaapi 75.0.3770.80-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: chromium-vaapi
Description: Chromium with VA-API support to enable hardware acceleration
Upstream URL:
Keywords: browser web
Licenses: BSD
Conflicts: chromium
Provides: chromium
Submitter: samcv
Maintainer: OneObsession (maximbaz)
Last Packager: maximbaz
Votes: 69
Popularity: 4.995293
First Submitted: 2016-07-09 09:44
Last Updated: 2019-06-06 21:23

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OneObsession commented on 2017-07-26 18:30

With the new update, compilation should work with the latest libxml2.

maximbaz commented on 2017-07-22 17:47

NOTE: The package does not compile right now with the latest libxml2. Downgrade to the latest working version, example for x64:

# pacman -U

OneObsession commented on 2017-07-22 17:41

@maximbaz Done.

maximbaz commented on 2017-07-22 17:31

I've just tried, and the current version is not compiling anymore anyway, so we can safely push the update, and pin a comment that for now a specific version of libxml2 is required. I can do all that to test push access ;)

UPDATE: apparently I still cannot pin comments.

maximbaz commented on 2017-07-22 17:13

I want :)
I'm fine with waiting for upstream to fix this.

OneObsession commented on 2017-07-22 17:10

@maximbaz oh yeah it didn't compile on my side with the default settings either. That's why i did not push anything yet.
If it only compiles with an older version of libxml2, we can wait for upstream to fix it first i guess.
But i can still make you co-maintainer if you want to.

maximbaz commented on 2017-07-22 11:07

I updated the package to 59.0.3071.115, but I only have push access to chromium-vaapi-bin. @OneObsession, if you want, you can give me maintainer access and I'll push the updates here as well.

FYI the package doesn't compile against 2 most recent versions of libxml2 (fails with the error below). I built the -bin package by installing an older version libxml2-2.9.4+16+g07418011-2-x86_64. I can speculate and say that it is possibly due to the commit, but I don't know for sure.

[5906/27653] CXX obj/third_party/libxml/libxml/libxml_utils.o
FAILED: obj/third_party/libxml/libxml/libxml_utils.o
g++ -MMD -MF obj/third_party/libxml/libxml/libxml_utils.o.d -DV8_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS -DUSE_UDEV -DUSE_AURA=1 -DUSE_PANGO=1 -DUSE_CAIRO=1 -DUSE_GLIB=1 -DUSE_NSS_CERTS=1 -DUSE_X11=1 -DDISABLE_NACL -DFULL_SAFE_BROWSING -DSAFE_BROWSING_CSD -DSAFE_BROWSING_DB_LOCAL -DCHROMIUM_BUILD -DENABLE_MEDIA_ROUTER=1 -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -D__STDC_FORMAT_MACROS -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -DNDEBUG -DNVALGRIND -DDYNAMIC_ANNOTATIONS_ENABLED=0 -I../.. -Igen -I/usr/include/libxml2 -fno-strict-aliasing --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -fstack-protector -Wno-builtin-macro-redefined -D__DATE__= -D__TIME__= -D__TIMESTAMP__= -funwind-tables -fPIC -pipe -m64 -march=x86-64 -pthread -Wall -Wno-unused-local-typedefs -Wno-maybe-uninitialized -Wno-missing-field-initializers -Wno-unused-parameter -O2 -fno-ident -fdata-sections -ffunction-sections -fomit-frame-pointer -g0 -fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden -std=gnu++11 -Wno-narrowing -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -c ../../third_party/libxml/chromium/ -o obj/third_party/libxml/libxml/libxml_utils.o
../../third_party/libxml/chromium/ In member function ‘bool XmlReader::Load(const string&)’:
../../third_party/libxml/chromium/ error: ‘XML_PARSE_NOXXE’ was not declared in this scope
XML_PARSE_NOXXE; // no external entities
../../third_party/libxml/chromium/ note: suggested alternative: ‘XML_PARSE_NONET’
XML_PARSE_NOXXE; // no external entities
../../third_party/libxml/chromium/ In member function ‘bool XmlReader::LoadFile(const string&)’:
../../third_party/libxml/chromium/ error: ‘XML_PARSE_NOXXE’ was not declared in this scope
XML_PARSE_NOXXE; // no external entities
../../third_party/libxml/chromium/ note: suggested alternative: ‘XML_PARSE_NONET’
XML_PARSE_NOXXE; // no external entities
[5915/27653] ACTION //third_party/libvpx:libvpx_yasm_action(//build/toolchain/linux:x64)
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

maximbaz commented on 2017-06-26 12:53

Both Travis and Codeship have only 2 virtual cores available. I think by default the compilation uses all available cores, no extra configuration required.

I also tried to use my Docker image without modification on two Azure machines running Ubuntu, one tiny single-core instance (took 12.5 hours to build) and one with 8 cores (took 2 hours to build), and I saw in htop that all cores are being utilized.

So your old laptop is actually still performing not that bad, comparing to the available free CI servers :)

OneObsession commented on 2017-06-26 12:12

@maximbaz How many cores are you using for the build? Maybe you are using only
one core. You can specify the number of jobs for compilation in the makepkg.conf file, e.g MAKEFLAGS="-j$(nproc)" which uses all the available processors. I believe such remote server should compile much faster than my old laptop.

For more information have a look at

maximbaz commented on 2017-06-26 10:51

Codeship managed to build approximately half of the project before the build was terminated after 3 hours. In total I checked around 7 different CI projects like Travis, there's nothing else that is free and allows build times longer than 3 hours.

I guess that's the end of idea of having automated builds for now, if someone finds a host to setup this - let me know! It doesn't have to be an Arch machine, any 64bit Linux where we can run a docker container is fine.