Package Details: chrome-remote-desktop 87.0.4280.51-1

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Package Base: chrome-remote-desktop
Description: Access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the Internet
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Keywords: Chrome Chromium Google Networking Remote
Licenses: BSD
Submitter: None
Maintainer: frealgagu
Last Packager: frealgagu
Votes: 114
Popularity: 0.83
First Submitted: 2014-04-27 23:43
Last Updated: 2020-11-14 06:44

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frealgagu commented on 2020-12-05 22:38

I maintain the latest built package at:

victorbrca commented on 2020-04-03 01:04

Thanks @frealgagu for packaging this, @nightuser for the existing session patch and @Brinsky for the instructions.

I've compiled both instructions with screenshots and added it to my blog if anyone is having issues with the install. Otherwise, just follow the instructions in the comments by @Brinsky from 2019-12-06 13:58.

Brinsky commented on 2019-12-06 13:58

Here's how I got this working with the new web app (

  1. Build and install the package
  2. run crd --setup
  3. (Optional) Configure execution of your preferred window manager in ~/.chrome-remote-desktop-session
  4. Go to
  5. Click "next" and "authorize" through each instruction
  6. Copy/paste and run the provided "Debian" command, which should look like the following: DISPLAY= /opt/google/chrome-remote-desktop/start-host --code="<UNIQUE_CODE>" --redirect-url="<>" --name=
  7. Set up a name and PIN
  8. Wait for successful output containing "Host ready to receive connections."
  9. Run crd --start

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DaveB commented on 2016-03-02 21:46

@dlh I'm leaving it at nano, as setting up nano as a default editor is a pain and I don't want to subject anyone to vi as the default editor if they just want to install this package.

dlh commented on 2016-02-29 21:07

@DaveB: You should not require nano, but instead invoke editor that is specified in EDITOR env variable.

DaveB commented on 2016-02-25 22:05

ephemient: Done, thanks for your help!

ephemient commented on 2016-02-25 20:45

Could you change

@@ -16,3 +16,3 @@
-[ "$CARCH" == x86_64 ] && _arch=amd64
@@ -21 +21,3 @@

please? Using _current.deb breaks for those of us caching with /etc/makepkg.conf:SRCDEST and there's no reason not to include checksums.

Det commented on 2015-12-16 12:48

"cd "$srcdir"" is redundant.

DaveB commented on 2015-12-08 22:07

Det, could you please stop flagging this out of date? I check it every day, it is up to date.

DaveB commented on 2015-11-30 14:43

You're welcome :)

Paviluf commented on 2015-11-30 12:21

Yes problem solved. At least there is some useful info on the comments about this now.

Sorry for the inconvenience Dave and thank you for your work ;)

DaveB commented on 2015-11-30 06:14

I'm not going to do that, as it would involve providing support for Google's product and open up a whole new channel of sorrow and pain and wasted Sunday afternoons. That's not specifically aimed at you Jeremy. I can't provide support for CRD itself as that would involve keeping track of CRD and that changes Google might make to it, which would involve constantly installing and uninstalling CRD and the permissions in the browser and everything or I run the serious risk of giving outdated info. I just don't have the time to do that, and I don't have to as CRD itself is not my product to provide support for. It's outside my jurisdiction. I have to assume that people using CRD are able to follow the instructions provided by Google, even if that assumption obviously won't withstand the reality test.

Other than that, can I assume that the problem is solved?

Paviluf commented on 2015-11-30 03:14

Ok I found the problem. There 2 part in CRD "remote access" and "my computer". It's in the "my computer" that you needed to enable the access. I only had enabled the access at the first launch when the prompt ask to it... I don't see that explained.

I hope this will be helpful for others and keeps people off the back of the great but not so patient DaveB ;)

Thanks I guess.

Ps. DaveB if you really don't want anybody asking questions maybe you should add this info to the message at the end of the scprit ?