Package Details: binfmt-qemu-static 20190112-4

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Package Base: binfmt-qemu-static
Description: Register qemu-static interpreters for various binary formats
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: net147
Maintainer: Stykers
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First Submitted: 2013-12-31 06:30
Last Updated: 2019-07-25 11:57

Latest Comments

phire commented on 2020-08-24 07:58

This package claims to support 'any' architecture.

In reality, it essentially bricks any non-x86 machine it's installed on (for example, aarch64, which qemu-user-static-bin provides)

This is because it always installs an qemu-aarch64 binfmt handler, causing every single native executable to fail with: "cannot execute binary file: Exec format error"

gamezelda commented on 2020-03-05 16:35

Like I also posted in binfmt-qemu-static-all-arch, relative to the binaries in qemu-user-static-bin, those architectures files are still missing:


It looks like definitions can be found here: , except I didn't found qemu-nios2 and qemu-tilegx, but the rest should be there.

EDIT: I could generate a list of formats like this, however it looks like some of the existing binfmts have masks that are a bit different?! However this comes from the official qemu distribution so I guess it can be trusted?

rm -rf /tmp/qemubinfmts && mkdir -p /tmp/qemubinfmts && ./ --systemd ALL --exportdir /tmp/qemubinfmts --qemu-path /usr/bin --qemu-suffix -static && for x in /tmp/qemubinfmts/*; do cat "$x" | sed 's/$/CF/'; done

SirCmpwn commented on 2019-07-31 11:50

Can you add ppc64le to this?

falstaff_ch commented on 2019-01-11 14:03

Can you also add the C and F flag at the end?

C: to determine new process credentials based on program file rather than interpreter file (see setuid); implies O flag. F: to make the kernel open the binary at configuration time instead of lazily at startup time, so that it is available inside other mount namespaces and chroots as well.

SamWhited commented on 2018-11-02 15:07

Please add riscv64:


(assuming is up to date)

Strit commented on 2018-10-09 18:13

Won't the interpretors need to be updated when the binaries get updated? I ask, because the binaries where updated in August and I have been having problems since that happened.

dariost commented on 2018-08-15 12:58

Could you add qemu-riscv32 and qemu-riscv64?

chungy commented on 2015-02-08 05:08

aarch64 can be enabled by uncommenting the arm64 line and replacing "arm64" with "aarch64". The existing magic and mask should be good.

rains commented on 2015-01-28 06:42

sudo update-binfmts --enable qemu-arm

i got this error when i run ./busybox-arm

% ./busybox-arm
zsh: exec format error: ./busybox-arm

sudo update-binfmts --display qemu-arm
qemu-arm (enabled):
package = package qemu-user-static
type = interpreter /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static
offset = credentials yes
magic = offset 0
mask = magic \x7fELF\x01\x01\x01\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x02\x00\x28\x00
interpreter = mask \xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\x00\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xfe\xff\xff\xff
detector =

you can see that 'magic *' line doesn't aligned with 'magic =' line, the same issue can be seen on the type/offset/mask/interpreter lines.

chungy commented on 2014-05-29 10:40

Could the depends on qemu-static be dropped please, or at least changed to an optdepends=('qemu-static')?

I'm just wanting to use the binfmt conf to assist with creating a Debian SPARC chroot, and since Debian has its own qemu-user-static package, I don't really need to install one from AUR. Thanks :)