Package Details: arc-gtk-theme-git 20210127.r56.g6069d312-1

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Package Base: arc-gtk-theme-git
Description: A flat theme suite with transparent elements.
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Licenses: GPL3
Conflicts: arc-gtk-theme
Submitter: NicoHood
Maintainer: Noeljunior (ooo)
Last Packager: ooo
Votes: 237
Popularity: 0.181862
First Submitted: 2018-03-25 19:17
Last Updated: 2021-04-09 10:31

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drakkar1969 commented on 2021-04-10 10:31

Thanks, much appreciated!

ooo commented on 2021-04-09 10:32

@drakkar1969 Personally I have nothing against enabling gnome_shell_gresource, although technically it adds some bloat to the package, to allow an "unsupported" feature.

However, I doubt the ~1Mb extra to the size hurts users of this package too much, and it doesn't really add to the compilation time either. Also, from developers POV it's nice to have wider testing for this feature.

Therefore I've enabled this for now, but may reconsider if anyone has any problems with this.

drakkar1969 commented on 2021-04-08 18:59

@ooo, is there any change you would consider adding gnome_shell_gresource option to the build options? I realize this wouldn't be particularly useful for most users, but would make life easier for those that want to manually install the .gresource file to theme GDM

NicoHood commented on 2021-01-29 23:47

Alright, thanks for clarifying! I've updated the package in the official repos accordingly!

ooo commented on 2021-01-29 23:38

@NicoHood optipng makedep is removed for now because it's not currently used when building with meson, as this turned out to be somewhat tricky to implement. The plan is to add png optimization support back later.

If you really wanted, you should be able to run optipng for every *png file from the PKGBUILD, although the small amount of saved disk space may not be worth it. Of course the theme can also still be built with autotools with the optipng processing, but the autotools support will likely be removed for the next release.

I haven't tried building in clean chroot, but based on the upstream issue you linked, the errors should be expected if dbus isn't running on the build environment. If the build still finishes fine, I'm very sure the errors shouldn't cause any harm.

NicoHood commented on 2021-01-29 22:53

@ooo why did you remove optipng from the makedepends?

Did you also notice the following errors when building in a clean chroot?

/usr/bin/inkscape --export-id-only --export-filename="light/assets/menu-radio-unchecked-selected.png" --export-id="menu-radio-unchecked-selected" --export-dpi=96 "light/assets.svg" >/dev/null
Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
Exporting only object with id="menu-checkbox-unchecked"; all other objects hidden.
Background RRGGBBAA: ffffff00
Area 221:4.00002:234:17 exported to 13 x 13 pixels (96 dpi)
Failed to get connection
** (inkscape:5463): CRITICAL **: 00:01:14.916: dbus_g_proxy_new_for_name: assertion 'connection != NULL' failed

** (inkscape:5463): CRITICAL **: 00:01:14.916: dbus_g_proxy_call: assertion 'DBUS_IS_G_PROXY (proxy)' failed

** (inkscape:5463): CRITICAL **: 00:01:14.916: dbus_g_connection_register_g_object: assertion 'connection != NULL' failed
/usr/bin/optipng -o7 --quiet "light/assets/menu-checkbox-unchecked.png"

It seems to be non critical though:

ooo commented on 2020-10-06 21:23

PKGBUILD updated for GNOME 3.38.

Ugzuzg commented on 2020-10-06 21:08 Latest gnome shell version is now 3.38.

j-james commented on 2020-09-11 03:38

Looks like arc-gtk-theme in the official repos is now pulling from jnsh's fork, for those unaware.

pacheco commented on 2020-06-03 13:57

@ooo I also had base-devel group installed, but for some reason the pkgconf was not installed. And makes sense to not add this as a dependency as well.