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2019-05-05Remove Version from .desktopRyszard Knop
2019-05-05Updoot to 2019.1.0Ryszard Knop
2019-02-15Update to 2018.3.2Ryszard Knop
2018-11-21Updoot to 2018.3.0Ryszard Knop
2018-02-08Updated to 2017.4.2Ryszard Knop
2017-12-29Update to 2017.4.1Ryszard Knop
2017-09-07Updated to the latest download link, prevented OptiPNG from ruining assets, u...Ryszard Knop
2017-07-28upgrade to new upstream version (2017.2)Oscar Morante
2016-07-31first commitOscar Morante