path: root/private-build-plans.toml.example
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-25open curved 6; flat top &; semi open 4; bottom heavy B; tailed q; straight 9;...Andy Kluger
2020-05-31version bump; backslash 0; curly λ, sans j, lower ¶, open 9Andy Kluger
2020-03-26add afdko makedep; set toothless 'u' by defaultAndy Kluger
2020-03-13replace custom toothless G patch with new upstream variantAndy Kluger
2020-03-07fix 'term' and 'fixed' design variant namesAndy Kluger
2020-03-06include disabled G-patch; update node modules; use new names in pptoml; remov...Andy Kluger
2020-02-03don't overwrite the example build config anymoreAndy Kluger