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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-10-25Update to 12.0Sebastiaan Lokhorst
2018-07-11Split into build and package, as recommended by the package guidelinesSebastiaan Lokhorst
2018-06-10Oops.. systemd-sysusers doesn't need an argumentSebastiaan Lokhorst
2018-06-10Improve install fileSebastiaan Lokhorst
2018-06-05Fix permissions of /var/lib/odooSebastiaan Lokhorst
2018-05-24Use systemd-sysusers for user managementSebastiaan Lokhorst
Don't explicitly depend on postgresql-libs: is a dependency of psycopg2
2018-04-04Update to 11.0, move to Python 3Sebastiaan Lokhorst
2017-10-07drop postgres dependency for docker compatibilityStanislas H.B. Sodonon
2015-10-02moved to 9, updated install referencesStanislas H.B. Sodonon
2015-06-08Initial New aur commitStanislas H.B. Sodonon