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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-02-26allow opening pathsPhilipp A
2018-03-08Bump to v3.4.0-1KillWolfVlad
2018-02-26Replace LD_LIBRARY_PATH with LD_PRELOADTim Kleinschmidt
2018-02-26Switch to gnutlsTim Kleinschmidt
Thanks to @thenexxuz
2018-01-04fix(curl): Use a different, version-independent way to use the right libcurlFlorian Maunier
2017-10-27Bump to v3.2.0-1KillWolfVlad
+ revert cc653fdaab0f9ef12773bee73972f7832b3940fb
2017-09-19Bump to v3.0.1-1KillWolfVlad
2017-08-16Revert "use pango v1.40.5-1 #45"Tim Kleinschmidt
The next update of gitkraken doesn't need anymore this quick fix. This reverts commit 03fb342d7ebb05f4b1ea144085a0c256c3d71022.
2017-07-22use pango v1.40.5-1 #45KillWolfVlad
2017-05-29Propagate commandline argumentsnaraesk
2017-04-25Fix for OSSL 1.1-built cURL causing segfaultFlorian Maunier
2017-03-11Use wrapper script to LD_PRELOAD libcurl-compatSamuel Littley
Makes the package easier to use for people who don't use .desktop files.