path: root/dwm.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-30smthMaxim Kochurov
2018-06-02pledge: add rpath promise for the ugly Xft font fallbackHiltjo Posthuma
2018-05-25Pledge on OpenBSDKlemens Nanni
2018-05-12Function declarations in correct order.Christopher Drelich
2018-03-14All functions in alphabetical order except for this one.Christopher Drelich
2018-03-14ColBorder has been moved to the enum with ColFg and ColBg.Christopher Drelich
2017-12-27dont NUL terminate _NET_WM_NAMEHiltjo Posthuma
2017-11-03sync dmenu drw.{c,h} code: use Clr* (was Scm)Hiltjo Posthuma
2017-11-03gettextprop: check result of XGetTextProperty (undefined behaviour for XFree)Hiltjo Posthuma
2017-11-03Set class name on status barOmar Sandoval
2017-10-11simplify isfixed conditionsDaniel Cousens
2017-05-08yet another cleanupAnselm R Garbe
2017-03-28Don't restrict snap in mousemoveMarkus Teich
2017-03-28Button passthrough when client is not focusedMarkus Teich
2017-03-28cleanupMarkus Teich
2016-12-05applied Markus' tagset purge of alternative view on _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW eventAnselm R Garbe
2016-12-05applied Ivan Delalande's NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK patch for gtk3 compatibilityAnselm R Garbe
2016-12-05applied Markus' decouple color-scheme patchAnselm R Garbe
2016-12-05applied Markus' clarify status text padding patchAnselm R Garbe
2016-08-12die() consistency: always add newlineHiltjo Posthuma
2016-06-26import new drw from libsl and minor fixes.Markus Teich
2016-06-24Configure geometry before applying rulesEric Pruitt
2015-12-19fix fullscreen clients not resized on X display resolution changeHiltjo Posthuma
2015-11-08code-style consistencyHiltjo Posthuma
2015-11-08unboolificationHiltjo Posthuma
2015-11-08sort include + whitespace fixHiltjo Posthuma
2015-11-08separate program-specific c99 bool and X11Hiltjo Posthuma
2015-11-07setfullscreen: don't process the property twiceQuentin Rameau
2015-10-20sync updated drw code from dmenuHiltjo Posthuma
2015-10-20dwm: use ecalloc, prevent theoretical overflowHiltjo Posthuma
2015-10-20cleanup, dont use c++ style commentsHiltjo Posthuma
2015-10-20dwm: cleanup: free schemes and cursors as arrayHiltjo Posthuma
2015-03-13Add Xft and follback-fonts support to graphics libEric Pruitt
2014-08-11applied Hiltjo's resize/move limitationAnselm R Garbe
2014-05-29same as before with dwm.c as wellAnselm R Garbe
2013-08-27applied Lukas' focus suggestion at startup, thanksAnselm R Garbe
2013-08-02applied improved version of Martti K├╝hne's dmenu/multi monitor approach from...Anselm R Garbe
2013-06-19applied Julian's enum approach,Anselm R Garbe
2013-06-16finished libsl/drw integrationAnselm R Garbe
2013-04-17renamed draw into drwAnselm R Garbe
2012-12-08continued with draw.c abstraction, also started util.{h,c} implementation, th...Anselm R Garbe
2012-11-18reverting the xkb dependency, I don't care if this function is deprecated,
2012-11-18reverting to plain X11 fonts in order to implement draw.c
2012-11-17applied Neil Klopfstein's patch, slightly
2012-11-17starting with initial
2012-11-02incorporating Xft instead of cairo, cairo provides far too many
2012-07-08reverted to old updategeom() after several complains, we need to optimize
2012-06-23applied James Turner's XkbKeycodeToKeysym patch,
2012-06-23drastically changed updategeom() handling, see comment in updategeom() for