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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysversion 20210502ZaZam
2021-03-02version 20210212ZaZam
2020-10-28version 20201022 and removed unnecessary patch fileZaZam
2020-08-18version 20200807ZaZam
2020-07-04version 20200628ZaZam
2020-06-19version 20200618ZaZam
2020-05-02version 20200419ZaZam
2020-02-29version 20200222ZaZam
2020-01-06version 20191231ZaZam
2019-10-27changed pkgrel to 1ZaZam
2019-10-27version 20191022ZaZam
2019-10-17patch fixed to allow python-attrs 19.3ZaZam
2019-10-13patch added to allow python-attrs 19.3ZaZam
2019-06-22version 20190614ZaZam
2019-06-03version 20190502ZaZam
2019-04-08version 20190331ZaZam
2019-03-23patch added to allow python-attrs 19.1ZaZam
2019-02-03remove prepare functionZaZam
2019-02-03version 20190203ZaZam
2019-01-29allow configargparse<0.13.0ZaZam
2019-01-26dependency python-configargparse=0.13.0 and removed provides and conflicts fi...ZaZam
2018-12-27version 20181221ZaZam
2018-11-04version 20181103ZaZam
2018-10-24updated to 2.37 and changed the source to pythonhosted as given on the homepageZaZam
2018-08-15Fix depssumt
2018-02-23Dependency: pysockssumt
2018-02-02Update to 2.30sumt
2017-06-06Update to version 2.16.Jesse Jaara
2017-01-22Update to 2.14Jesse Jaara
2016-10-15Update to 2.12 and set youtube-dl as default backend.Jesse Jaara
2016-09-12Update to version 2.11.Jesse Jaara
2016-07-15Update to ver 2.10.2.Jesse Jaara
2016-03-21Update app to version 2.10.1 and AdobeHDS to version 2016.02.22.Jesse Jaara
2015-12-31Update 2.9.0 -> 2.9.1.Jesse Jaara
2015-12-15Update to 2.9.0Jesse Jaara
2015-10-01Add php-mcrypto as a depency.Jesse Jaara
2015-09-19Update to version 2.8.1Jesse Jaara
2015-07-08Import yle-dl to Aur4.Jesse Jaara