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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-20Bump version numberPMunch
2017-09-13Fixed wrong version number to allow it to properly pull from GitHubPeter Munch-Ellingsen
2017-09-12Updated to work with v3 of xlunchPeter Munch-Ellingsen
2017-08-12Get latest changes for xlunch-create-entryDX37
2017-08-10Update sumsDX37
2017-08-10Update xlunch-create-entryDX37
2017-03-02Whoops, makedependsDX37
2017-02-24Fixes for entry create from genconfDX37
2017-02-17Update ver againDX37
2017-02-17Test ver changeDX37
2017-02-08Update pkgverDX37
2017-01-26Make config regen more quickDX37
2017-01-25Initial commitDX37