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2021-01-09Update to 6.0rc6Mike Swanson
2021-01-02Update to 6.0rc5Mike Swanson
2020-12-26Update to 6.0rc4Mike Swanson
2020-12-25Include {lib32-,}gst-plugins-{base,good} as optdependsMike Swanson
Required for some games and applications to decode file formats such as MP3.
2020-12-19Update to 6.0rc3Mike Swanson
2020-12-12Update to 6.0rc2Mike Swanson
2020-12-07Update to 6.0rc1Mike Swanson
2020-11-15Update to 5.0.3Mike Swanson
2020-09-24Bring back mingw-w64-gcc as a makedepends, allows building PE filesMike Swanson
This improves compatibility with Windows software (especially DRM-ladden software). The dependency was previously removed as it lived only in the AUR for some time and automatic installation was not possible. It is in the main repository now and that problem is resolved. Effectively reverts 2020-01-22T08:12:24Z!
2020-08-07Update to 5.0.2Mike Swanson
2020-06-04Update to 5.0.1: remove cherry-picked patchesMike Swanson
2020-05-24Cherry pick patches that allow building on GCC 10Mike Swanson
Hopefully all of these get rolled into Wine 5.0.1 whenever that lands.
2020-01-22Remove makedepends on mingw-w64-gcc againMike Swanson
Kae1zae6ai pointed out that automatic installation of the mingw-w64-gcc isn’t really possible (at least not with the present state of the PKGBUILDs; may be impossible), requiring manual intervention instead. This is certainly too much effort for people just wanting stable wine.
2020-01-21Update to 5.0Mike Swanson
Since the RCs: adds mingw-w64-gcc to makedepends, making sure that PE modules are built for this release.
2020-01-17Update to 5.0rc6Mike Swanson
2020-01-15Update to 5.0rc5Mike Swanson
2020-01-05Update to 5.0rc4Mike Swanson
2019-12-28Update to 5.0rc3Mike Swanson
2019-12-21Update to 5.0rc2Mike Swanson
2019-12-16Update to 5.0rc1Mike Swanson
2019-11-26Update to 4.0.3Mike Swanson
2019-08-27Update to 4.0.2Mike Swanson
2019-05-16Update to 4.0.1Mike Swanson
2019-02-05Add libgphoto2, sane, gsm dependenciesMike Swanson
2019-01-24Add sdl2 optdependency: for gamepad supportMike Swanson
2019-01-22Add vkd3d supportMike Swanson
2019-01-22Update to 4.0Mike Swanson
2018-12-07Update to 3.0.4Mike Swanson
2018-09-19Update to 3.0.3Mike Swanson
2018-08-01Remove libgphoto dependencyMike Swanson
2018-06-27Update to 3.0.2Mike Swanson
2018-05-24Update to 3.0.1Mike Swanson
2018-01-18Update to 3.0Mike Swanson
2018-01-05Update to 2.0.4Mike Swanson
i686 is dropped. I never tested it before and Arch doesn’t officially support it anymore. If it’s important to someone on arch32, it probably isn’t very hard to fork and compile it there.
2017-10-22Add depends for gst-plugins-base-libsMike Swanson
2017-10-22Update to 2.0.3Mike Swanson
2017-10-07Backport FreeType 2.8.1 fixes from Wine 2.18Mike Swanson
2017-07-20Update to 2.0.2Mike Swanson
2017-04-21Update to 2.0.1Mike Swanson
2017-01-24Update to 2.0Mike Swanson
2017-01-22Really really really really fix the build.Mike Swanson
2017-01-22Oops. Fix the build with ccm, too. Don't refer to ../*.patchMike Swanson
2017-01-22Fix build with flex 2.6.3Mike Swanson
2016-12-21Update to 1.8.6Mike Swanson
2016-12-14Update to modern PKGBUILD standards, STRIP=true for debug symbolsMike Swanson
2016-10-07Update to 1.8.5Mike Swanson
2016-08-25Update to 1.8.4Mike Swanson
2016-06-28Remove install file: update-desktop-database is run by pacman hooksMike Swanson
2016-06-18Update to 1.8.3Mike Swanson
2016-06-08wine-stable 1.8.2Mike Swanson