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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-02Update makedependsDarshit Shah
2019-03-29Update, now ith XDG SupportDarshit Shah
2019-02-17UpdateDarshit Shah
2018-06-07Python is a makedependsDarshit Shah
2018-02-16Fix some dependenciesDarshit Shah
2018-01-21Add lzip as a dependencyDarshit Shah
2018-01-20Released first alpha versionDarshit Shah
2017-10-06Update the source to gitlabDarshit Shah
2017-07-23Lots of important changes and bugfixesDarshit Shah
2017-04-12Prevent 2nd recompilation after make checkDarshit Shah
2017-04-12Update to use libidn2Darshit Shah
2016-12-22Update to latest commitDarshit Shah
2016-09-28Update. Lots of fixes and improvementsDarshit Shah
2016-09-19Update to r788. Lots of fixes. Updated progress barDarshit Shah
2016-07-27Update to patch 750Darshit Shah
2016-06-17Update to p722Darshit Shah
2016-05-12Update to patch 700Darshit Shah
2016-04-28UpdateDarshit Shah
2016-03-23Update to commit 659Darshit Shah
2016-03-07Update to p647Darshit Shah
2016-03-04Update to patch 644Darshit Shah
2016-02-07Update to p641. Stability improvementsDarshit Shah
2016-02-03Initial commit for Wget2Darshit Shah