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2016-04-03Applied patch from k0ste. Fix for build issues some users were experiencing.Roel Brook
2016-03-11Version bump. Modules were no longer autoloaded on boot. Added /etc/modules-l...Roel Brook
2016-03-10Sorry for the late update all. Here is version 5.0.16.Roel Brook
2016-01-19Bump to 5.0.14Roel Brook
2015-12-21Version updated to 5.0.12Roel Brook
2015-11-11Updated to 5.10Roel Brook
2015-10-21Version bump to 5.0.8Roel Brook
2015-10-03Version bump to 5.0.6. Changelog at Brook
2015-09-20Update to upstream 5.0.4Roel Brook
2015-08-18Initial commit for virtualbox-bin. This is the VirtualBox version as distribu...Roel Brook