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2021-09-11Update to r201.db46357-1Rhinoceros
* Fix java-runtime version required. Also works with >=8 (tested with 11)
2020-12-01Update to r201.db46357Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: Display all replacement suggestions from LanguageTool
2020-09-16Update to r199.a3d6740-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: "Update" * Get .tar.gz not .zip, as per suffix.
2020-03-01Make download unique.
* No need for pkgrel bump (package already installed for most users)
2019-08-15Update to r197.083cbee-2Rhinoceros
* Remove file that conflicts with vim-vital * Add vim-vital as dependency instead
2019-06-24Initial commit: r197.083cbee-1Rhinoceros