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2020-12-28Update to 3.4.12Tim Schumacher
2020-11-24Update to 3.4.10Tim Schumacher
2020-11-09Update to 3.4.8Tim Schumacher
2020-10-26Update to 3.4.7Tim Schumacher
2020-10-13Update to 3.4.6Tim Schumacher
2020-10-07Update to 3.4.5Tim Schumacher
2020-10-06Update to 3.4.4Tim Schumacher
2020-09-24Update to 3.4.3Tim Schumacher
2020-09-17Update to 3.4.2Tim Schumacher
2020-09-08Update to 3.4.1Tim Schumacher
2020-09-04Update to 3.4.0Tim Schumacher
2020-07-20Update to 3.3.2Tim Schumacher
2020-06-23Update to 3.3.1Tim Schumacher
2020-06-17Update to 3.3.0Tim Schumacher
2020-02-19Fix build and Java issuesTim Schumacher
2017-01-04Updated to 3.2.17David Vilar
2016-06-18Removed call to jarDavid Vilar
2016-04-06Forgot to add modified files in previous commit :(David Vilar
2016-04-03Updated to 3.2.16David Vilar
2015-07-05Update to AUR 4.0David Vilar