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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-22Compile with -fPICDavid Flemström
2016-09-21Upgrade to latest V8David Flemström
2016-09-21Also allow gyp actions when fetchingDavid Flemström
2016-09-21Allow gyp actionsDavid Flemström
2016-09-21Enable -fPICDavid Flemström
2016-09-21Only thicken build artifact .a filesDavid Flemström
2016-09-20Convert thin archives into thick onesDavid Flemström
2016-09-20Remove binary blobsDavid Flemström
2016-09-20Bump pkgrelDavid Flemström
2016-09-20Remove references to non-existent fileDavid Flemström
2016-09-20Initial commitMarco Pompili