path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysAdds python 3 as a dependencyZerophase
4 daysRemove mono, python, and python3Zerophase
8 daysEnable user to see UE4 desktop iconZerophase
9 daysAdds mono-msbuild as a dependencyZerophase
10 daysturn patches off by defaultZerophase
11 daysUpdated packagesumsZerophase
11 daysFix file being installed twiceZerophase
11 daysUse ccache with ispc compilationZerophase
12 daysFixes file permissions, and installs BuildConfiguration.xml properlyZerophase
12 daysImproves ccache support and adds support for processor multiplier while compi...Zerophase
13 daysadds ccache as an optdependsZerophase
2021-04-17Update to 4.26.2Zerophase
2021-03-28compile and rebuild projects for current engine with system compilerZerophase
2021-03-25fixes typo in permissionZerophase
2021-03-25applies sytem compiler patchZerophase
2021-03-25Supports compiling in the editor with system compilerZerophase
2021-03-24fixes permssion issue when recompilingZerophase
2021-03-23Supports packaging with system compiler.Zerophase
2021-03-16turned system compiler off by default.Zerophase
2021-03-15restores Build directoryZerophase
2021-03-14Allows use of system compilerZerophase
2021-03-12update to 4.26.1Zerophase
2021-03-12update to 4.26.1Zerophase
2020-11-21Bump pkgrelShatur95
2020-11-21Put comment backShatur95
2020-11-21Revert "Copy all compiled files"Shatur95
2020-11-21Revert "Remove license from the package folder"Shatur95
2020-11-21Fix .desktop fileShatur95
2020-11-21Remove license from the package folderShatur95
2020-11-19Copy all compiled filesShatur95
2020-11-19Remove extra quotesShatur95
2020-11-19Update to 4.25.4Shatur95
2020-11-19Use !stripShatur95
2020-11-19Add openssh to makedependsShatur95
2020-06-14update to 4.25.1Zerophase
2020-05-05update to 4.25Zerophase
2020-02-29Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-02-29Update to 4.24.3Zerophase
2020-01-27Make Engine folder writable to fix segmentation faultShatur95
2020-01-25Revert "Enable Clang 9 support"Shatur95
2020-01-10Enable Clang 9 supportZerophase
2019-12-29Fix installation pathShatur95
2019-12-29Use qt5-base for qmakeShatur95
2019-12-29Fix typoShatur95
2019-12-29Update to 4.24.1Shatur95
2019-11-30Remove sysctl include and add editorstyle dependency to fix link erroracerix
2019-11-26Update to 4.23.1acerix
2019-09-06Update to 4.23.0Zerophase
2019-06-23Update to 4.22.3Zerophase
2019-01-29clean up packagebuildZerophase