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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-24Bump pkgrelHennadii Chernyshchyk
2021-06-24Replace Windows specific search with the correct pathHennadii Chernyshchyk
2021-06-24Add missing quotesHennadii Chernyshchyk
2021-06-24Fix output silencingHennadii Chernyshchyk
2021-06-24Disable custom patches by defaultHennadii Chernyshchyk
2021-06-24Disable forcing native CPU support for compiled projectsHennadii Chernyshchyk
2021-06-24Use automatic packagingHennadii Chernyshchyk
2021-06-24Remove system compiler supportHennadii Chernyshchyk
2021-06-20locks version to clang 11.1 till clang 12 fix is inMichael Lojkovic
2021-06-07clang 12Michael Lojkovic
2021-05-27Enables native cpus support, and turns patches on in upstreamMichael Lojkovic
2021-05-11Adds python 3 as a dependencyZerophase
2021-05-10Remove mono, python, and python3Zerophase
2021-05-06Enable user to see UE4 desktop iconZerophase
2021-05-05Adds mono-msbuild as a dependencyZerophase
2021-05-05turn patches off by defaultZerophase
2021-05-03Updated packagesumsZerophase
2021-05-03Fix file being installed twiceZerophase
2021-05-03Use ccache with ispc compilationZerophase
2021-05-03Fixes file permissions, and installs BuildConfiguration.xml properlyZerophase
2021-05-02Improves ccache support and adds support for processor multiplier while compi...Zerophase
2021-05-02adds ccache as an optdependsZerophase
2021-04-17Update to 4.26.2Zerophase
2021-03-28compile and rebuild projects for current engine with system compilerZerophase
2021-03-25fixes typo in permissionZerophase
2021-03-25applies sytem compiler patchZerophase
2021-03-25Supports compiling in the editor with system compilerZerophase
2021-03-24fixes permssion issue when recompilingZerophase
2021-03-23Supports packaging with system compiler.Zerophase
2021-03-16turned system compiler off by default.Zerophase
2021-03-15restores Build directoryZerophase
2021-03-14Allows use of system compilerZerophase
2021-03-12update to 4.26.1Zerophase
2021-03-12update to 4.26.1Zerophase
2020-11-21Bump pkgrelShatur95
2020-11-21Put comment backShatur95
2020-11-21Revert "Copy all compiled files"Shatur95
2020-11-21Revert "Remove license from the package folder"Shatur95
2020-11-21Fix .desktop fileShatur95
2020-11-21Remove license from the package folderShatur95
2020-11-19Copy all compiled filesShatur95
2020-11-19Remove extra quotesShatur95
2020-11-19Update to 4.25.4Shatur95
2020-11-19Use !stripShatur95
2020-11-19Add openssh to makedependsShatur95
2020-06-14update to 4.25.1Zerophase
2020-05-05update to 4.25Zerophase
2020-02-29Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-02-29Update to 4.24.3Zerophase
2020-01-27Make Engine folder writable to fix segmentation faultShatur95