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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysUpdate checksums.Markus Weimar
11 daysUpdate to version 2.001.Markus Weimar
2020-11-12Change installation directory. Rename fewer files.Markus Weimar
2020-02-02Add font weights. Prevent checksum issues.Markus Weimar
2019-12-06Update to version 2.000.Markus Weimar
2019-07-27Move fonts to per-package directory.Markus Weimar
2017-08-10Fix incorrect path.Markus Weimar
2017-08-10Remove obsolete '.install' file.Markus Weimar
2015-08-31Changed font cache update.Markus Weimar
2015-08-12New maintainer. Fixed package.Markus Weimar
2015-06-19Fix pkgver function v2Brandon Giesing
2015-06-19Fix pkgver functionBrandon Giesing
2015-06-19Switch to GitBrandon Giesing
2015-06-10Update to 1.100263, orphaningGavin Lloyd
2015-06-09Init commitGavin Lloyd