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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-08-05Update email on all my packagesTyler Swagar
2020-09-30Remove legacy dependencyTyler Swagar
2020-06-30Remove legacy dependenciesTyler Swagar
2020-02-08Upgrade to 1.008 from upstream repoTyler Swagar
2018-01-13Bump pkgrel to unbreak google-fonts conflictTyler Swagar
2017-11-13Remove conflict with ttf-google-fonts-gitTyler Swagar
2017-06-01Move commit hash into a variable for my own sanityTyler Swagar
2017-02-13Remove redundant .installTyler Swagar
2017-01-25Future-proof source filesTyler Swagar
2017-01-14Skip license checksum / replace infinality packageTyler Swagar
2017-01-12Add conflict with ttf-google-fonts-opinionated-gitTyler Swagar
2017-01-10Add conflict with ttf-google-fonts-gitTyler Swagar
2017-01-09Initial commitTyler Swagar