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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-30new version scheme, shallow checkouts, updated variantsAndy Kluger
2021-04-29update build plans with new optionsAndy Kluger
2021-01-25add many new options, and try motion serifs in the sample configAndy Kluger
2020-11-25capital g toothless corner; narrower capital i; use dev branchAndy Kluger
2020-11-22update configs; see archbuilder_iosevka repo for detailsAndy Kluger
2020-11-10correct v-bar-natural-slope -> natural-slopeAndy Kluger
2020-11-09new config format for iosevka v4Andy Kluger
2020-10-29drop obsolete makedepsAndy Kluger
2020-09-08comma-like quote and backtick; cornered tailed n; cornered r; cornered short mAndy Kluger
2020-08-10version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-07-15tailed d; toothless cornered b; rounder DAndy Kluger
2020-07-01drop outdated depsAndy Kluger
2020-06-25open curved 6; flat top &; semi open 4; bottom heavy B; tailed q; straight ↵Andy Kluger
9; crossed zZ
2020-05-31version bump; backslash 0; curly λ, sans j, lower ¶, open 9Andy Kluger
2020-03-26add afdko makedep; set toothless 'u' by defaultAndy Kluger
2020-03-19add conflicts, provides, and replacesAndy Kluger
2020-03-13replace custom toothless G patch with new upstream variantAndy Kluger
2020-03-07fix 'term' and 'fixed' design variant namesAndy Kluger
2020-03-06version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-03-06include disabled G-patch; update node modules; use new names in pptoml; ↵Andy Kluger
remove slab plans; seems to build ok despite gyp error, see open issue on iosevka's tracker
2020-02-03don't overwrite the example build config anymoreAndy Kluger
2020-01-19current upstream has all different defaults, so choose variants to ↵Andy Kluger
approximate previous results of this custom build; also enable tailed f
2019-03-16new build syntax; hex asteriskAndy Kluger
2018-10-10revert hacks to ensure a shallow checkout, and revert versioning schemeAndy Kluger
2018-10-10hacks to ensure a shallow checkout (a few mb vs nearly 1gb), use new short ↵Andy Kluger
open '$' by default, and change versioning scheme to 'date.short-hash'
2018-08-21new build system, file-based config instead of env varAndy Kluger
2018-05-06version bump; update comments with new build optionsAndy Kluger
2018-03-18add docs for '3' variants, change name of font on system to "Iosevka Term ↵Andy Kluger
Custom", remove conflicts and provides
2017-06-13shouldn't conflict with slabAndy Kluger
2017-06-08fix/update ttf output directoryAndy Kluger
2017-06-08version bump and more style docs in comments.Andy Kluger
2017-06-01version bump, plus more and updated style docs in commentsAndy Kluger
2017-05-12bump pkgrelAndy Kluger
2017-05-12now respects IOSEVKA_DESIGN if set, automatically adding 'term' if not presentAndy Kluger
2017-05-10term style, for vte3 compatibility, though ligations are very sadly lostAndy Kluger