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2016-06-06Update to r152.a0df2f3Kevin MacMartin
2016-05-30Update to r151.26aaff5Kevin MacMartin
2016-05-13Update to r137.e011206Kevin MacMartin
2016-05-03Update to r137.e011206Kevin MacMartin
2016-03-22Update to r136.33ce2f8Kevin MacMartin
2016-02-25Update to r134.cd607f9Kevin MacMartin
2016-02-05Update to r130.ba34531Kevin MacMartin
2016-01-28Update to r127.7145189-1Kevin MacMartin
2016-01-08Update to r126.a79eabe, use the .desktop file in the repo, install the icon t...Kevin MacMartin
2015-12-30Update to r122.2ce41d5Kevin MacMartin
2015-11-25Install the docs so the tutorial website works (thanks delsquared)Kevin MacMartin
2015-10-12Update to r119.10fbc77Kevin MacMartin
2015-09-14Update to r118.ad86e25Kevin MacMartin
2015-09-03Update to r117.6dcbba2Kevin MacMartin
2015-07-12Update to r113.3a6be83Kevin MacMartin
2015-07-04Update to r112.1c77449 and add gitignoreKevin MacMartin
2015-06-10Initial import into AUR 4Kevin MacMartin