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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-204.2.0Reto Brunner
2020-04-15fix unsafe path transition error of tmpfiles.dReto Brunner
2020-03-25v4.1.0Reto Brunner
2019-12-31v4.0.0Reto Brunner
2019-10-28v3.3.0Reto Brunner
2019-08-193.2.0Reto Brunner
2019-07-113.1.1Reto Brunner
2019-02-11Update to 3.0.1Reto Brunner
2019-01-29Fix sha256sums for user.serviceMaxime Poulin
2019-01-28Update to 3.0.0Reto Brunner
2018-12-26Revert split config/data dirsReto Brunner
2018-12-25Remove install file and split config/data dirsReto Brunner
2018-10-13Update PKGBUILDPavel Djundik
2018-02-19Update to 2.7.1Maxime Poulin
2018-02-05Update for deprecated featuresMaxime Poulin
2018-02-04Update to 2.7.0Maxime Poulin
2017-11-27Update to 2.6.0Maxime Poulin
2017-10-17Update to 2.5.0 🎉Maxime Poulin
2017-10-14Write .lounge_homePavel Djundik
2017-08-08Update to 2.4.0Maxime Poulin
2017-06-09Update to 2.3.1Maxime Poulin
2017-03-15Update to 2.2.2Maxime Poulin
2017-02-17Update to 2.2.1Fred Deschenes
2017-02-01Update to 2.2.0Maxime Poulin
2016-11-20Update to 2.1.0Maxime Poulin
2016-10-03Update to 2.0.1Maxime Poulin
2016-09-27Update to 2.0.0Robin B
2016-04-22Update to 1.5.0Maxime Poulin
2016-04-01Update to 1.4.2Maxime Poulin
2016-03-28Update to 1.4.1Maxime Poulin
2016-03-20Update to 1.4.0Maxime Poulin
2016-03-06Update to 1.3.1Maxime Poulin
2016-03-03Update to 1.3.0Maxime Poulin
2016-02-24Update to 1.2.0Maxime Poulin
2016-02-19Update to 1.1.1Maxime Poulin
2016-02-19Update to 1.1.0Maxime Poulin
2016-02-12Fix typoMaxime Poulin
2016-02-12Initial package of TheLounge IRC clientMaxime Poulin