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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-06patch not build ninja, icusoloturn
2020-07-06version 2020-07-04-asoloturn
2020-07-05add fanjiangsoloturn
2020-06-26remove some dependenciessoloturn
2020-06-25try version 5.3-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOTsoloturn
2020-06-25do not patch sources until something buildssoloturn
2020-06-25skip checksum as long it does not buildsoloturn
2020-06-25remove lldb set, not in arch lldb any moresoloturn
2020-06-25swig instead of swig-3, clean correct dirsoloturn
2020-06-21add gaborsoloturn
2020-06-07diagnostics is needed, pip install as long nobody gives hint which package it...soloturn
2020-06-07use python3, not python2soloturn
2020-06-07llvm-project expecte as suchsoloturn
2020-06-07do not rewrite to python2soloturn
2020-06-07remove patchessoloturn
2020-06-07update sha256 for downloadssoloturn
2020-06-07reset maintainer to what it wassoloturn
2020-06-07update 5.2.4soloturn
2020-04-21Fix changed checksum for swift-package-managerMichael Hansen
2020-03-19Update to 5.1.5Michael Hansen
2020-02-27Update to 5.1.4Michael Hansen
2019-12-02Backport fix for cmark testMichael Hansen
2019-12-01Update checksum for swift sourceMichael Hansen
2019-11-29Update to 5.1.2Michael Hansen
2019-09-22Update to 5.1Michael Hansen
2019-09-10Update to 5.0.3Michael Hansen
2019-07-16Update to 5.0.2Michael Hansen
2019-06-05Re-enable sourcekit and use older swig for compatibilityMichael Hansen
2019-05-04Update to 5.0.1Michael Hansen
2019-03-28Update to 5.0Michael Hansen
2019-03-01Update to 4.2.3Michael Hansen
2018-11-14Update to 4.2.1 including patch for Clang 7.0Michael Hansen
2018-09-24Update to 4.2Michael Hansen
2018-08-13Update to 4.1.3 and backport fix for removed headerMichael Hansen
2018-04-02Update to 4.1Michael Hansen
2018-02-22Backport fix for SR-6176Michael Hansen
2017-12-12Update to 4.0.3, minus sourcekit and one failing testMichael Hansen
2017-09-19Fix for build with clang 5.0Michael Hansen
2017-09-17Update checksums for github's new tarball changesMichael Hansen
2017-09-12Add fixes for glibc-2.26Michael Hansen
2017-07-19Fix build failure with latest makepkg defaults, and fix installed Python lldb...Michael Hansen
2017-06-14Build fixes for gcc 7 and sphinx 1.6Michael Hansen
2017-05-02Add patch for ICU 59Michael Hansen
2017-04-27Update to 3.1.1Michael Hansen
2017-04-09Fix a couple of build issues (missing rsync, wrong python)Michael Hansen
2017-04-06Clean up build and include SourceKitMichael Hansen
2017-04-06Partially working update to 3.1Michael Hansen
2017-01-18Fix Swift compilationTuetuopay
2016-12-15Update to 3.0.2Michael Hansen
2016-11-23Apply build-script patch from preview versionMichael Hansen