path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-20Updated to v0.13.2max furman
2019-09-18Updated to v0.13.1max furman
2019-09-16update pkgrel since not first release of 0.13.0max furman
2019-09-16Updated to v0.13.0max furman
2019-09-13Updated to v0.13.0max furman
2019-09-09Updated to v0.12.0max furman
2019-08-29Updated to v0.11.0max furman
2019-04-30Updated to v0.10.0max furman
2019-04-12Add maintainers & bump pkgrelmax furman
2019-04-12Updated to v0.9.2max furman
2019-04-11Updated tomax furman
2019-04-10Update to 0.9.1 / fix Zsh completionNazar Mishturak
2019-02-20step-cli-bin: Update to 0.8.5Nazar Mishturak
2018-12-17Rename binary to step-cliNazar Mishturak
2018-12-12Remove conflicts & providesNazar Mishturak
2018-12-12Initial commitNazar Mishturak