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2021-08-10Updating for latest goScott Lawrence
2019-07-05Fixing inaccurate authorship infoScott Lawrence
2019-06-30Updating to version 1.1Scott Lawrence
2019-06-30Version updateScott Lawrence
2017-06-19new maintainer, fix formattingKyle Sferrazza
2016-12-21Remove excess forward slashDaniel M. Capella
2016-12-21Minor touch upDaniel M. Capella
2016-12-21Revert "Source from unofficial mirror"Daniel M. Capella
2016-12-21Source from unofficial mirrorDaniel M. Capella
2016-12-18Minor touch upDaniel M. Capella
2016-12-18Minor touch upDaniel M. Capella
2016-08-29add license to packageDaniel M. Capella
2016-08-10update pkgdesc and urlDaniel M. Capella
2015-10-02initial commitDaniel M. Capella