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2017-10-24License changeAndreas Bilke
2017-10-21Updated to 3.8.0Andreas Bilke
2017-10-03Fix pkgrelAndreas Bilke
2017-10-03Enforce correct PETSc version. SLEPc 3.7 is not compatible with PETSc 3.8Andreas Bilke
2017-05-18Updated to 3.7.4Andreas Bilke
2016-11-21Add package maintainerAndreas Bilke
2016-10-28Removed reference to build dirAndreas Bilke
2016-09-29Updated to 3.7.3Andreas Bilke
2016-07-29Updated to 3.7.2Andreas Bilke
2016-07-05Updated to 3.7.1Andreas Bilke
2016-04-22Updated to 3.6.3myles
2015-12-07Updated to 3.6.2myles
2015-09-29Updated to 3.6.0-2myles
2015-08-31Updated to 3.6.0Myles English
2015-07-09Initial commitmyles