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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-26Update to 3.141.59Weirch Sodora
2018-08-22Update to 3.14.0Weirch Sodora
2018-05-28Update to 3.12.0Weirch Sodora
2018-03-22Update to 3.11.0Weirch Sodora
2017-10-27Update to 3.6.0-1Weirch Sodora
2017-09-27Update to 3.5.3-1Weirch Sodora
2017-08-18Update to 3.5.1-1Weirch Sodora
2017-05-05Update to 3.4.0-1, Add Hidden=true to Selenium.desktopWeirch Sodora
2017-03-15Update to 3.3.1-1Weirch Sodora
2017-03-10Update to 3.3.0-1Weirch Sodora
2016-10-31Update to 3.0.1-1Weirch Sodora
2016-10-18Update to 3.0.0-1Weirch Sodora
2016-10-10Update to 3.0.0-beta4-1Weirch Sodora
2016-09-18Update depends ('java-runtime>=8')Weirch Sodora
2016-09-12Update to 3.0.0-beta3-1Weirch Sodora
2016-08-29Update to 3.0.0-beta2-1Weirch Sodora
2016-03-23Update to 2.53.0-1Weirch Sodora
2016-02-16Update to 2.52.0-1Weirch Sodora
2016-02-01Update to 2.50.1-1Weirch Sodora
2016-01-22Update to 2.49.1-1Weirch Sodora
2016-01-14Update to 2.49.0-1Weirch Sodora
2015-10-12Update to 2.48.2-1Weirch Sodora
2015-08-13Update to 2.47.1Weirch Sodora
2015-07-07Initial importWeirch Sodora