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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-18Fixes patch, MAKEFLAGS, and CFLAGSMithicSpirit
2020-06-05Use -fcommon rather than gcc-8 for gccFrank Seifferth
2020-06-03Remove 258.patch from PKGBUILDFrank Seifferth
2020-06-03Incorporate recent changes from sc-im PKGBUILDFrank Seifferth
2019-04-22Update maintainer nameFrank Seifferth
2018-01-28include armv7h in accordance with sc-im non-gitber532k
2018-01-18incorporate patch from sc-im comments (use srcdir rather than ../../../)ber532k
2017-04-29pkgver is now updated via pkgver() functionber532k
2017-03-29git versionber532k