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2020-08-28revision, fix depsFabioLolix
2019-08-21Version: 1.5.1-stable5. Changelog: Torres
2019-05-31Update version: 1.4.1 - 2019/05/26Fixed Torres
2019-05-01Updated version 1.3.0 - 2019/04/28Fixed Torres
2018-09-11Minor fixes: Torres
2018-08-29New version. Changelog: Torres
2018-01-17New changes, fixes and updates. More info: Torres
2018-01-01Many features, more info: Torres
2017-12-30Many features, more info: Torres
2017-06-03New git version, 09 May 2017Fixed Torres
2017-05-04New git version, 02 May 2017Fixed Torres
2016-11-08<New Git Version> 0.9.2-git11-20161030FixedTorres
2016-10-15<Version> 0.9.2.git8.20161013 git version. Some fixed bugsFixed
2016-10-12<Version> 0.9.2.git6.20161010, Git versionFixed
2016-09-20<Version> 0.9.2_git3.20160920, fixed some bugsFixed
2016-09-17New version, Sayonara 0.9.1-git2-20160913 gitFixed
2016-06-07Updated. * broken layout fix for manjaro and maybe other distributionsFixedTorres
2016-05-16Updated to version 0.9.0-git1-20160516FixedTorres
2016-05-01Updated to version git 0.8.3_git2_20160501FixedTorres
2016-04-26Updated to version 0.8.3_git0_20160424 gitFixedTorres
2016-02-28New package sayonara gitCyberpunk