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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-02Bump pkgrel for Python 3.9.0.Donald Webster
2020-11-11Update to v3.1.1.Donald Webster
2020-11-02Remove tray icon optdepends.Donald Webster
2020-10-16Update to v3.1.0.Donald Webster
2020-08-30Update to v3.0.2.Donald Webster
2020-08-18Update to v3.0.1.Donald Webster
2020-08-09Add sabnzbd user home directory changing.Donald Webster
2020-08-08Switch from mv to cp, rename old files/folders to .saved.Donald Webster
2020-08-04Fix slash typo in migration.Donald Webster
2020-08-01Update to v3.0.0.Donald Webster
2020-07-19Update to v3.0.0 and move out of /opt, into /usr/lib and /var/lib.Donald Webster
2020-01-22Use our own sabnzbd@.service file that defaults to the old ~/.sabnzbd.ini file.Donald Webster
2020-01-02Add per user systemd service file.Donald Webster
2020-01-01Switch to python2-cheetah3 package.Donald Webster
2019-11-25Add SyslogIdentifier to service file.Donald Webster
2019-11-22Remove variable that is only used once.Donald Webster
2019-11-22Add optional 7zip support.Donald Webster
2019-11-22The .install file is no longer needed, remove.Donald Webster
2019-11-22Remove desktop support for nzb files.Donald Webster
2019-11-20Switch to long options in service file.Donald Webster
2019-09-03Add maintainer.Donald Webster
2019-05-29And the sums and .SRCINFO.Donald Webster
2019-05-29More PKGBUILD cleanup, stop using variables for package name for better reada...Donald Webster
2019-05-29Convert to systemds tmpfiles.Donald Webster
2019-05-29Clean up PKGBUILD.Donald Webster
2019-05-29Update to sha256sums.Donald Webster
2019-05-29Switch to systemds sysusers.Donald Webster
2019-05-29Updated to 2.3.9Ben Ruijl
2019-03-18Upgraded to 2.3.8Ben Ruijl
2019-01-15Updated to 2.3.7Ben Ruijl
2018-12-22Upgraded to 2.3.6Ben Ruijl
2018-09-08Updated to 2.3.5Ben Ruijl
2018-06-01Updated to 2.3.4Ben Ruijl
2018-04-23Updated to 2.3.3Ben Ruijl
2017-12-23Updated to 2.3.2Ben Ruijl
2017-10-28Updated to 2.3.1Ben Ruijl
2017-09-21Updated to 2.3.0Ben Ruijl
2017-09-01Upgraded to 2.2.1Ben Ruijl
2017-08-17Updated to 2.2.0Ben Ruijl
2017-06-10Upgraded to 2.1.0Ben Ruijl
2017-05-24Upgraded to 2.0.1Ben Ruijl
2017-04-09Upgraded to 2.0.0.Ben Ruijl
2017-03-19Updated to 1.2.3Ben Ruijl
2017-03-01Updated to 1.2.2Ben Ruijl
2017-01-13Updated to 1.2.0Ben Ruijl
2016-11-11Updated to 1.1.1Ben Ruijl
2016-09-15Updated to version 1.1.0Ben Ruijl
2016-06-05Updated to 1.0.3Ben Ruijl
2016-05-07Updated to 1.0.2Ben Ruijl
2016-04-28Using the correct packaged version nowBen Ruijl