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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-04Add `backup`nfnty
2019-08-07Remove CMake path argumentsnfnty
2019-08-07Add dependency `ethtool`nfnty
2019-08-07Upstream integrated infiniband-diags (and its libibmad) into v25.James P. Harvey
2019-08-07makedepends: add python-docutils for rst2man, fails to build otherwise; remov...James P. Harvey
2019-07-25Fix `provides` and `conflicts`nfnty
2018-10-18Renamed `iwpmd` to `libiwpm` in `_provides`nfnty
2018-10-14Add `python` to `makedepends`nfnty
2018-08-29Add `pandoc` to `makedepends`nfnty
2017-10-05Remove old files from `package()`nfnty
2017-08-03Fix service file removalnfnty
2017-08-02Fix config file removalnfnty
2017-07-14Fixed paths (2)nfnty
2017-07-14Fixed pathsnfnty
2017-03-18Add `libnl` to `depends`nfnty
2017-03-14Move `systemd` to makedependsnfnty