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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysupdate to Qtum 0.20.1 - Offline staking improvementsMiguel Palencia
2020-06-22update to 0.19.1 hf releaseMiguel Palencia
2020-02-22update to Palencia
2020-01-09update to 0.18.3Miguel Palencia
2019-12-05fix menu entriesMiguel Palencia
2019-12-04update to 0.18.2 - new UI!Miguel Palencia
2019-09-18update to 0.18.1 hardfork releaseMiguel Palencia
2019-08-17fix menu layoutMiguel Palencia
2019-08-17update to 0.18.0Miguel Palencia
2019-07-22add launcher for testnetMiguel Palencia
2019-06-24mandatory update to 0.17.6 - Softfork updateMiguel Palencia
2019-05-20bug fixMiguel Palencia
2019-05-08update to 0.17.5Miguel Palencia
2019-05-01update to 0.17.4Miguel Palencia
2019-04-20first commitMiguel Palencia