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2017-03-06remove patchSaren Arterius
2017-03-01add patchSaren Arterius
2017-02-18Fix commit 4a09d0bb34ab030e09e87173b2e3ec0fd7616cff lead to build failSaren Arterius
2017-01-08avoid confliceSaren Arterius
2017-01-08patchSaren Arterius
2016-06-01now with more dependencies, yay.ajs124
2016-05-192.6.x … I can english very well.ajs124
I'm not getting paid (enough, or rather at all) for this -.-
2016-02-15don't careajs124
2015-09-28remove libcaca, because it was apparently removed upstreamajs124
2015-08-26Are there mandatory?ajs124
2015-08-07Remodel PKGBUILD and surrounding files after [extra] packageajs124
- split package - disabled spice for now, since it doesn't compile for some reason
2015-07-27Add missing dependenciesajs124
according to net147's namcap
2015-06-09Initial importajs124