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2015-06-20install license fileJohannes Dewender
2015-06-20create split package for Python 2 and 3Johannes Dewender
2015-06-19use python3, prepare for split packageJohannes Dewender
2014-02-07python2-musicbrainzngs-git: remove dep python2-distributeJohannes Dewender
not sure why that was there anyways. This should work with vanilla python. Setuptools is also not needed.
2014-01-16fix gitignore for musicbrainzngsJohannes Dewender
2013-11-08change musicbrainzngs url to documentationJohannes Dewender
2013-11-08change url for musicbrainzngsJohannes Dewender
2013-06-16python2-musicbrainz-git: add version to providesJohannes Dewender
2013-04-11python2-musicbrainzngs-git: update for pacman 4.1Johannes Dewender
2013-03-12python2-musicbrainz-git: make it a git versionJohannes Dewender
2013-03-12python2-musicbrainzngs-git: copy from non-gitJohannes Dewender