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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-27Fix url: .org -> .comLorenzo Cappelletti
2020-06-091.10.4Lorenzo Cappelletti
2020-05-15Add optional dependency 'mbed-os'Lorenzo Cappelletti
2020-05-12Depend on mbed-os-tools + support to Python2Lorenzo Cappelletti
2020-05-05Update to 1.10.3 (Python3)Lorenzo Cappelletti
2019-09-06Update to the new versionJimmy Stelzer
2019-04-10Update pkg version to 1.10.0Jimmy Stelzer
2018-09-25Update and add runtime dependecyJimmy Stelzer
2018-04-19Update to add optional dependenciesJimmy Stelzer
2018-04-17Update to 1.5.0Jimmy Stelzer
2017-10-25v1.2.2Daniel Maslowski
2017-07-03revert Python dependenciesDaniel Maslowski
2017-07-02add Python package dependencies and optional VCS dependenciesDaniel Maslowski
2017-05-21update description and URLDaniel Maslowski
2017-05-21initial commit v1.1.1Daniel Maslowski