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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-11Bump to 8.0.8, drop python-cli-ui dependencyDimitri Merejkowsky
2019-02-27Bump to 8.0.7Dimitri Merejkowsky
2018-08-27Dummy commitDimitri Merejkowsky
2018-08-27Remove Maintainer tagDimitri Merejkowsky
2017-11-12Bump to 8.0.6Dimitri Merejkowsky
2017-11-01Bump to 8.0.4Dimitri Merejkowsky
2017-11-01Bump to 8.0.3Dimitri Merejkowsky
2017-11-01Make sure to run tests against the correct pycp versionDimitri Merejkowsky
2017-11-01Bump to 8.0.2Dimitri Merejkowsky
2017-11-01Add check()Dimitri Merejkowsky
2017-11-01Fix dependencies: add python-cli-ui and python-atttrsDimitri Merejkowsky
2017-10-30Bump to 8.0.1Dimitri Merejkowsky
2017-10-30Don't bother with man pages for nowDimitri Merejkowsky
2017-10-14Bump to 7.3.0Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-08-08Bump to 7.2.2-2 (fix URL)Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-02-29bump to 7.2.2Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-02-26bump to 7.2.1Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-01-31Bump to 7.1Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-01-31makedepends: add missing dep to python-setuptoolsDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-08-25update PKGBUILD for pycp 7.0Dimitri Merejkowsky
2015-07-17initial importDimitri Merejkowsky