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2021-10-02chore(deps): update dependency puppetlabs/puppet-editor-services to v1.3.0Renovate Bot
2021-10-02chore: update do current Gitlab project URLsJohannes Wienke
2021-06-03Version bump to 1.2.0Johannes Wienke
2021-02-17Version bump to 1.1.0Johannes Wienke
2020-11-13Version bump to 1.0.1Johannes Wienke
2020-07-27Version bump to 1.0.0Johannes Wienke
2020-06-14Version bump to 0.26.1Johannes Wienke
2020-05-18Version bump to 0.26.0Johannes Wienke
2020-03-28Version bump to 0.25.0Johannes Wienke
2020-02-01Version bump to 0.24.0Johannes Wienke
2019-12-10Version bump to 0.22.0Johannes Wienke
2019-09-29Version bump to 0.22.0Johannes Wienke
2019-09-05Version bump to 0.21.0Johannes Wienke
2019-07-28Version bump to 0.20.0Johannes Wienke
2019-06-13Version bump to 0.19.1Johannes Wienke
2019-03-25Version bump to 0.19.0Johannes Wienke
2019-02-19Version bump to 0.18.0Johannes Wienke
2018-12-18Version bump to 0.17.0Johannes Wienke
2018-12-11Version bump to 0.16.0Johannes Wienke
2018-11-05Version bump to 0.15.1Johannes Wienke
2018-10-17Version bump to 0.15.0Johannes Wienke
2018-08-17Version bump to 0.14.0Johannes Wienke
2018-07-24Version bump to 0.13.0Johannes Wienke
2018-06-06Initial releaseJohannes Wienke