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2021-05-20Bump to version
2020-12-07Bump to version
2020-11-01Bump to version
2020-10-19Bump to version
2020-06-08'conflicts' should contain 'prismatik-psieg' and 'lightpack'hashworks
2020-06-08'provides' should contain 'prismatik-psieg'hashworks
2020-06-08'pkgdesc' on should not end on '.'hashworks
2020-06-07Bump version to
2020-06-06Rename package to -bin since it is repackaging a precompiled debian packagehashworks
2020-06-06PKGBUILD improvementshashworks
- url in source=() needs proper quoting - don't let the release pkgbuild conflict with the vcs (git) pkgbuild, it should conflict the other way around
2019-10-11Initial commithashworks