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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-28Bump for 2.5.1Ben Brooks
2021-05-24Bump for 2.5.0Ben Brooks
2021-03-31Use optional docker-compose dependency to support Compose >3Ben Brooks
2021-02-06Bump for Portainer 2.1.1 - add optdepends for docker/k8sBen Brooks
2021-02-06Update: Updated to the latest releaseLarry Dewey
2020-07-23Update to 1.24.1Ben Brooks
2020-07-10bump pkgrel for checksum changeBen Brooks
2020-07-03Fix changed 1.24.0 checksumBen Brooks
2020-05-29bump to 1.24.0Ben Brooks
2020-03-19Update for 1.23.2Ben Brooks
2020-03-08Move assets into /usr/shareBen Brooks
2020-03-08portainer-bin 1.23.1Ben Brooks