path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-12updated icon to svgMike Harris
2018-10-21moved yakuake to optional dependency and added plasma dependenciesMike Harris
2018-10-21added snap supportMike Harris
2018-10-21added plasma-desktop depedncyMike Harris
2018-10-21fix upgrade process when AUR support is disabledMike Harris
2018-10-06added more iconsMike Harris
2018-09-28reworked backend to use bash script and remove pkexec orphan commandMike Harris
2018-09-27added --noconfirm to orphan commandMike Harris
2018-08-12add option to remove orphan packagesMichael Harris
2018-07-14added custom icon supportMike Harris
2018-06-09added pacman-contrib to dependenciesMike Harris
2018-05-22added additional aur helpers and safety check if aur support is enables with ...Mike Harris
2018-05-02added ? to updatesPending if not connected to internetMike Harris
2018-05-02made rechecking internet connection clearerMike Harris
2018-05-02fixed internet not connected always returning trueMike Harris
2018-05-01removed locks and freezes to shell when checking updatesMike Harris
2018-04-16delete redundant plasma_install versus comment outMike Harris
2018-04-16remove reduntant plasma_installMike Harris
2018-04-05changed bauerbill to bb wrapperMike Harris
2018-03-16autohideMike Harris
2018-03-10fixed noconfirm removalMike Harris
2018-03-09switched kstart to kstart5Mike Harris
2018-03-04correctly added yakuakeMike Harris
2018-03-04added yakuakeMike Harris
2018-03-04fixed pkgverMike Harris
2018-03-04move pkgvr() above buildMike Harris
2018-03-04revert yakuakeMike Harris
2018-03-03comment out yakuake codeMike Harris
2018-03-03remove yakuake until branch is fixedMike Harris
2018-03-03added yakuake dependencyMike Harris
2018-03-03change settings "show upgrade on konsole" to "show upgrade in konsole"Mike Harris
2018-03-03updated master after upgraded AUR package, fixing edge caseMike Harris
2018-03-03added support for yakuakeMike Harris
2018-02-23fix bug 18Mike Harris
2018-02-23fixed noconfirm removalMike Harris
2018-02-12fixed Color Scheme bug # 14Mike Harris
2018-02-09move getAURHelper inside aur conditionalMike Harris
2018-02-07added exit message after upgrade processMike Harris
2018-02-01revert old cmake commandsMike Harris
2018-02-01added noedit to pacaur and replaced deprecated cmake commandsMike Harris
2018-01-19fixed aur helper commands that only update aurMike Harris
2018-01-13added sudo to aura commandsMike Harris
2018-01-10commented codeMike Harris
2018-01-10prevented plasmashell freeze from upgrade process and checkupdatesMike Harris
2018-01-10added hold back for konsoleMike Harris
2018-01-07added enable label to aur settingsMike Harris
2018-01-07remove hold from aur upgradeMike Harris
2018-01-03remove sanitize functionMike Harris
2018-01-03fix zsh bugMike Harris
2018-01-03fix plasma hangMike Harris