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2019-11-10version bumpRadek Podgorny
2019-11-02add clojure makedependRadek Podgorny
2019-11-02version bumpRadek Podgorny
2018-12-29version bumpRadek Podgorny
2018-09-19new maintainer and version bumpRadek Podgorny
2018-03-20Fix: : corrected sha256sumBenjamin Andresen
2018-02-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Andresen
2018-02-03Add: $proj: New version: 2.11.0Benjamin Andresen
2018-02-03Add: $proj: New version: 2.8.1Benjamin Andresen
2017-10-04New version: 2.8.1Benjamin Andresen
2017-09-29Add: $proj: include patch to fix segfaultBenjamin Andresen
with glibc 2.26 strtok behavior was changed and planck is depending on the old now obsolete behavior
2017-08-20Fix: PKGBUILD: makedepends missing: xxd (provided by vim)Benjamin Andresen
2017-08-20Fix: PKGBUILD: add missing makedepends: unzipBenjamin Andresen
2017-08-20fixup! Fix: PKGBUILD: don't depend on webkit1 but webkit2Benjamin Andresen
2017-08-20Fix: PKGBUILD: don't depend on webkit1 but webkit2Benjamin Andresen
this is in extra and works just as well
2017-08-20initial commitBenjamin Andresen