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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-12upgpkg: openrazer 3.2.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2021-08-15upgpkg: openrazer 3.1.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2021-06-13openrazer: add python sanity checkLuca Weiss
Hopefully less issue reports because of weird python setups in the future...
2021-04-10upgpkg: openrazer 3.0.1-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2021-03-21upgpkg: openrazer 3.0.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2020-11-08upgpkg: openrazer 2.9.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2020-05-02upgpkg: openrazer 2.8.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2020-01-11upgpkg: openrazer 2.7.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2019-11-14upgpkg: openrazer 2.6.0-2Luca Weiss
add missing dependency, rebuild for python 3.8
2019-07-29upgpkg: openrazer 2.6.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2019-03-29openrazer: major pkgbuild cleanupLuca Weiss
2019-03-28upgpkg: openrazer 2.5.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2018-10-21Prefix kernel module variableLuca Weiss
2018-10-21upgpkg: openrazer 2.4.0-1Luca Weiss
upstream release
2018-08-25upgpkg: openrazer 2.3.1-3Luca Weiss
Python 3.7 rebuild
2018-07-11Retag 2.3.1Luca Weiss
2018-07-112.3.1Luca Weiss
2018-04-01v2.3.0Luca Weiss
2018-02-27v2.2.2Luca Weiss
2018-02-232.2.1Luca Weiss
2017-12-26v2.2.0Luca Weiss
2017-11-19Packaging is hardLuca Weiss
2017-11-18v2.1.1Luca Weiss
2017-11-14Correct checksum of re-tagged archiveLuca Weiss
2017-11-14Update to 2.1Luca Weiss
2017-11-10Rename pkgbase to openrazerLuca Weiss
2017-10-21OpenRazer package renameLuca Weiss
2017-09-192.0.0Luca Weiss
2017-09-02OPENRAZER! Also 1.1.16Luca Weiss
2017-07-301.1.15Luca Weiss
2017-07-011.1.14Luca Weiss
2017-06-111.1.13Luca Weiss
2017-05-05rework optdependsLuca Weiss
2017-05-05Add missing dependencyLuca Weiss
2017-05-04Improve package descriptionsLuca Weiss
2017-05-04fixLuca Weiss
2017-05-031.1.12Luca Weiss
2017-04-171.1.11Luca Weiss
2017-04-15v1.1.10Luca Weiss
2017-03-06Update to 1.1.9Luca Weiss
2017-01-28Update for Linux 4.9Luca Weiss
2017-01-26Remove old commentsLuca Weiss
2017-01-26Package names should be free nowLuca Weiss
2017-01-24Initial commit, everything commentedLuca Weiss